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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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1 minute ago, shayster007 said:

I had to leave with about 10 minutes left in the game to pick up my fiancee from work.. what the hell happened...

Sutter and Rouss took stupid penalties and that was all Columbus neede

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2 minutes ago, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

By the way I will say it again. Our road record is just pathetic.

I have realized that for the last little while. Can’t win with a road record like this one. At this rate we are looking to have to win every home game the rest of the season in order to have a chance 

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Okay we blew that an NJ curse follows on in Vancouver as Domang is letting wheel fall off rims three straight goals against . We should have grabbed Anderson from Ottawa. At very least . We have been building Dempko thatcher up. Louis was my nephews Devils backstop an he was horrible we watched several games early in season together I was quiet on deadline trade , but, kiss the play offs good by now.worst case scenario we should have promoted a goalie from farm an just alternated them TIL one got hot now our goal is a mess.

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Just now, Kobayashi Maru said:

Well that was tough to watch.  It looks like in the first they were pissed about the last few games and brought it to a weaker team with no mercy.  Then they all imploded.  This was supposed to be the leave it on the line, win at all costs game.  Turns out it wasn’t.  Not good.

not on the whole team

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Yeah Green with a questionable coaching the last 10 minutes of the game. But holy &^@# Sutter and Roussel are &^@#ing useless

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Blown lead again, we gave away points like that and came out with zero points.  I have been saying that Green is not a right coach and he choose to keep the vets and so casual plays cost us in the 3rd period.  Before I comment on this game, I recalled blown goals like Pittsburgh game and they have done that again.   Edler is so casual and overcommitted the coverage on 2nd Columbus goal that sparked the comebacks for Columbus.  Edler overcommitted on 3rd goal when penalty killing, that forced the top slot be vacated by the forward, and casual getting back on the play.  Edler is so casual on this one.   If you watch the replay, h e doesn't make effort to get back in play on time.   I have had enough of the vets that disappointed us time again and again.   It's time for a youth movement if the vets continues to disappoints us with their play.  Call up some guys and let go some of vets.    We have this problem, Green is stubborn with his line-up decisions, not giving some of the young players a shot when we had a chance to find out what our young guys is made of.  Most of the guys is healthy and it's crunch time and we can't afford to give young guys a chance all because he didn't give them a chance.  Only MscEwen was given a shot and even if he was healthy scratches, he wasn't given a shot  and choose vets over him when he seemed to be ready to play.   


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The question from the summer remains. Was it the correct move to accelerate the rebuild. 


Miller has been our arguably our best forward. For a team that's been one of the worst in the past 3 seasons, should they be trading away a first rounder?


We traded several assets for what looks like could be a rental. This trade reeks desperation to make the playoffs at all cost. Missing it would be a disaster.



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