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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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Our top line + Horvat + Motte are our only forwards that are useful relative their indicated role. Everyone else is hot garbage and have been riding their tails.


Hughes is damn near the only defenseman in that category.

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2 minutes ago, bree2 said:

your  blaming the loss  on MacEwan  come on, this loss is on Sutter and Rousell but especially I have to say Green, has he ever heard of shortening his bench. the guys played good until that happened


Well, MacEwan has been of no good at all whenever he gets the chance. Douche with too much disappointment bulked up inside of him.   

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1 minute ago, Wilfred said:

He did shorten the bench. Hughes only shift in the last 10 minutes of that game was when the Canucks were down 4-3. 

 lol, I am talking about the 3rd line which was not good tonight and the fourth, we really needed this game

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Well that was tough to watch.  It looks like in the first they were pissed about the last few games and brought it to a weaker team with no mercy.  Then they all imploded.  This was supposed to be the leave it on the line, win at all costs game.  Turns out it wasn’t.  Not good.

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5 minutes ago, Shirotashi said:

I remember when I said that our playoff hopes are over now that Marky is gone. I felt a little crappy and I hoped I was 

wrong. I never could have imagined this level of collapse. Utter failure on every level. Please god dont make the playoffs

we need 3 more years min before we can seriously challenge.

Good post but i think you are forgetting the fact JB moved many of our top draft picks the next few years.....

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Ebbs and flows, right? :picard:


This is BS. With Pettersson, Miller, Toffoli, Horvat and Hughes, the Canucks should be much better, but they kind of suck without Markstrom saving the day game after game. Disappointing and concerning. 


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1 minute ago, cuporbust said:

Babcock is an idiot. This has been debated to death around here. The guy is nowhere near as good as his salary suggests. I don't think he should be within 50 feet of bench .

That’s exactly the type of coach we need.  These are NHL players.  It’s the toughest league in the world.  As soon as the games ramped up Green’s passive philosophy and junior level schemes showed they don’t work.  

We have really good players.  They deserve a great coach, who will challenge them to be their best.  

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This should havet been an easy win. Then Green take loui away from Horvat. First mistake... Then puts in MacEwan that can't stay away from a fight. 

Sit MacEwan and Roussel. Let Bailey start instead. I want to see His Speed instead of fighting grunts.

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Just now, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

You think our defensive game was great with Markstrom?

With the coaching staff no.


We show promise then squander it away by not showing any sort of consistency.


Look at a team like the Canes. They play hard all 60 minutes. If we can't play a solid 60 then it won't matter who we have in net, we aren't a playoff team.


Coaches jobs are to get the most of their roster. I don't think Green does that.

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No chance they make the playoffs this year ..... when are folks going to accept that we need a coach ? Horrible team effort and play the last 3 games all but sealing the teams fate. Without Marky this team has no chance of making the playoffs. 

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Pretty angry 


But haven't given up on them. Still in good spot.  Need to turn around and get it done. 


Nux are good at home. Start winning and get back in the race. 


At the start of the season, I wanted them to play meaningful games in Mar.  Now we are.  The race will be decided on the last game vs VGK. 

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1 minute ago, sedin26 said:

That's it for me.  I will never again watch the game of hockey.  I will remain steadfast in this resolution - I absolutely, 100% cannot be convinced otherwise!  Fire the coaching staff, fire the scouts, turn over the roster, force an ownership change!

I won't be seen here again - goodbye forever!

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

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