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[SIGNING] Goldobin signs with CSKA Moskow

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8 minutes ago, aliboy said:

They just had it on Global News, so it's accurate.

ah well. Can't really blame the kid, its a no-brainer between playing in a city like Moscow vs. upstate NY. All the best to him. I don't think Green gave him the same chances he gave others but none of that matters now, he wasn't going to make the top 6 now anyway. 

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I was rooting for the guy. I’m a fan of Goldy’s attitude and character, but ultimately I think this is the best option for him. He just doesn’t have the game to be a top 6 in the NHL. I’m really hoping though that he can come back in 2 years and take up an NHL job somewhere.

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Makes sense that if you're tethered to two of the top offensive guys (Pete and Brock) for awhile and still can't score, you don't belong on the team.

Agreed that no way he dislodges Toffoli and Jake, and it'll be even tougher once Hoglander, Lind and Podkolzin arrive in a couple seasons.

Still, sucks that what looked like a prime return for Hansen turns out to be an NHL level bust at this point.


Too bad that there's likely no out from Sven's contract (even though it's buried) -- though hopefully he can prove enough next season to garner some interest (with cap retained if we still can) as a depth pick-up for a team needing it.

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