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Coronavirus outbreak

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3 hours ago, GhostsOf1994 said:

Too soon when people are dying from it.



30-70% of populations will get it.

That's why it is very important to contain it to halt the spread.


Places like old age homes with shared air vents are a terrible situation with how hard it is for seniors to fight off viruses as is, only that much worse as this new virus sounds like it is a "super flu" and seniors have the worst survival rate.


Eat healthy, wash wash wash, disinfect with some nice scotch, eat healthy, wash wash wash, stay calm as this is no worse of a death rate than most things that kill people also.



I believe the best way to halt a pandemic is to shut down all travel from infected areas immediately as well as shipping.


I'm born in Canada so i am a little unfamiliar with inoculations when immigrating to a new country.


Though i believe that if i were to say move to Sweden that i would need to provide a clean bill of health with no communicable diseases.


another issue i have with people flying around the world spreading things on "vacation" without having to be in good health.

Obviously hygiene is important, but they now know this is an airborne virus, telling people that they'll be fine going about their regular business just wash your hands and don't touch your face is reckless (I don't mean you're saying that).


I'm a teacher and half my staff is travelling internationally this weekend and our school district didn't cancel school trips to Europe.......one teacher put her 16 year old on a plane to Europe yesterday.  If those people come back infected and we come back from spring break..........watch out.  I can tell you from years and years of experience, nothing spreads a virus faster than a school.

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2 hours ago, Muscatel Marauder said:

The other voice on the recording is a male doctor who we have so far not been able to identify, except that he works at Niguarda Hospital in Milan, one of the biggest in the city.

"We have closed down entire wards, and reduced the number of beds in traditional wards.

"All operations have been cancelled, GP surgeries closed so the that the GPs can come in and be ward doctors.

"The number of ICU beds has been tripled. There was even pressure to take over our Cardiac ICU."

"All the resuscitation bays are full. They’re having to triage, deciding who to intubate and who to let die." 

The first identifies herself as Martina, but I believe she is Martina Crivellari, an intensive care cardiac anaesthesiologist at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

She said: "There are a lot of young people in our Intensive Care Units (ICUs) - our youngest is a 38-year-old who had had no comorbidities (underlying health problems).

"A lot of patients need help with breathing but there are not enough ventilators.

"They've told us that starting from now we'll have to choose who to intubate - priority will go to the young or those without comorbidities.

"At Niguarda, the other big hospital in Milan, they are not intubating anyone over 60, which is really, really young."

She added: "This virus is so infectious that the only way to avoid a 'massacre' is to have the least number possible getting infected over the longest possible timescale.

"Right now, if we get 10,000 people in Italy in need of ventilators - when we only have 3,000 in the country - 7,000 people will die.

"Rome right now is like where Milan was 10 days ago. In 10 days there has been an incredible escalation.

"Lombardy, which has the best healthcare in the country, is collapsing, so I don’t dare to think what would happen in less efficient regions.

"We've had no critical cases among children but with children, viruses are much less aggressive - think chickenpox or measles.

"But the very young are crazy carriers.

"A child with no symptoms will go to visit its grandparents, and basically kill them. So it’s essential to avoid contact between them"

Jesus christ

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1 hour ago, MystifyNCrucify said:

Ireland has shut down schools, and sporting events till the 29th. First death in the republic, an elderly woman a couple days ago. 

That's what absolutely has to happen here.......every single day matters

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Ireland officially announces closure of schools, to limit mass gatherings due to coronavirus

Thu 12 Mar 2020 11:31:46 GMT


Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, announces

  • Schools, universities to be closed from this evening to 29 March
  • To limit mass gatherings and indoor gatherings
  • Shops, cafes can stay open but should look at how to operate social distancing
This was foreshadowed by the Irish Times report earlier here.
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Its a little scary, as Irelands motto is “Ah sure look, it’ll be grand.”, as they were saying last week. It went from dont worry about it low chance of infection to “oh sheet if we dont do anything we are screwed” in a few days.  


Pandemonium is Here.  My wife says there is already a lineup outside of tescos in dublin (about the size of a superstore).  

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Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps responds to Island’s first case of COVID-19

First Vancouver Island case announced Wednesday by province


On Wednesday, B.C. health officials identified seven more cases of COVID-19, including the first case on Vancouver Island – a man in his 60s who was with a tour group to Egypt where another traveller was identified Tuesday as having the novel coronavirus. Another new case is a man in his 70s who lives in Egypt and is visiting the Fraser Health region.


more in the link




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4 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

This morning it feels like dozens are falling at me at once

Ditto, I cannot believe our governments are not taking the same measures that China, Japan, S Korea etc are taking to manage this situation.

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8 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

This morning it feels like dozens are falling at me at once

There's literally no place to hide. Gold and silver are being used as a source of funds. Bitcoin is -25% today. It's chaos.


S&P triggered a 15 minute trading halt for the 2nd time this week.


Good luck man.


Let's maybe use the recession thread for this type of stuff and keep this thread on topic.

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4 minutes ago, stawns said:

Ditto, I cannot believe our governments are not taking the same measures that China, Japan, S Korea etc are taking to manage this situation.

Just an fyi

Our comments were specific to investing 


But your point still stands


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2 hours ago, canuckster19 said:

Nope, none whatsoever, none when I moved here and nothing today. It’s why TB is back here, don’t want to offend anyone coming in.

Thanks for making my point, that's what i meant to say. 


Part of the reason i refuse to use translink, when i was a student there were several tb patients on skytrains.


Yaa.... no thanks to that!



3 hours ago, Allt svartnar said:

You wouldn't. No questions asked, all are welcome. Well, unless you are Ukrainian.

Well well well comrade, your true colors are now showing!


Racist! I am a proud mutt with Ukrainian heritage!


Honor thy pyroshki!



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9 minutes ago, stawns said:

Ditto, I cannot believe our governments are not taking the same measures that China, Japan, S Korea etc are taking to manage this situation.

Sadly the time for that was 4 or 5 weeks ago.  It's too late now.  the best this country or any can hope for is that people, individuals are taking the proper precautions.  It's most certainly in almost every province.  it's most certainly in most major cities.  A 2 week incubation period at the end of the height of flu season will have had literally hundreds of thousands of potential carriers moving without issue.


Spring break is also here.  Want to know who is going to care less about this virus than anyone?  Drunk college kids who cannot get a refund on their trips.


A large bomb is about to drop and it's only dropping on the hells of the silent one that feel weeks ago

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I work in a building with 1500+ people, there are like 3 entrances in and out everyone must use.  We basically walk through air locks..  It will take one person to cause a big outbreak in here. head guy puts out an email basically saying "dont believe what you read on the internet ...chance of this spreading is low in BC...keep washing your hands". Meanwhile Canadian government health minister stated between 30-70 percent of the population could become infected.  We all have the ability/technology to work from home but the dinosaurs that run the place think you cant function without being managed at your desk for 8 hours.  Hopefully we are lucky enough to escape the ignorance of some of the people around us.



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