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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets | March 22, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SNP

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7 minutes ago, DIBdaQUIB said:

So sad...you could tell after the first goal the  Nucks had no answer and no next gear.  Just went through the motions. 

Just like the other 14 times when they got scored on first.

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Just now, DeNiro said:



This is what all those games of playing players less than 10 minutes equals.


His players are never fresh come this time of year. He’s horrible at managing minutes. 

And roster decisions. And line matching. And time outs. And and and.

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Just now, DarthMelvin said:

Lol at the excuses i have seen this season






Players not respecting coaches


Our Defense let us down tonight...so many pinches that we very unnecessary. 


We can score, we have goal tending....

You forgot covid, the flat cap and obviously it's the year of the ox in the Chinese new year. Everyone knows you can't win on the West coast when is the year of the ox.  It's science.

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1 minute ago, Convincing John said:

Crying about coaching this season is like  getting hit by a car and complaining that your smokes got squashed. 

That analogy doesn’t quite add up. 

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At least I enjoyed my Old Dutch BBQ potato chips!


If Bo is out, that’s it, seasons over. No team can absorb this many injuries at one position.


Benn is reverting to last year Benn. Play OJ now.


Roussell looks like it’s “hot potato” when he gets the puck. Play a kid instead.



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13 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

4 Centermen. All 4

Yup all gone long term with little over a month to play, and their best 2 players, if you discount  Demko & Boeser. Top play-maker & top face-off man are hard to replace for more than a game or two, but for the rest of the season?


Don’t rush them back.

Let it go!


Team-tank will be gaining supporters at lightning speed.  

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