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[Waivers] Leo Komarov

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Maybe not a claim, but this guy's faceoffs are going to be on the same level of Granlund. Not too bad, but not a "dominant" faceoff man. We just don't have any centers to hold the fort now.


He's struggling with 0 goals and 2 assists in 16 games, but he's a UFA after next year, so basically it's a very short term (prorated) contract to shore up the position. The only problem is figuring out how to manage the cap.


Perhaps a trade to get rid of a player like Roussell, and he might be able to help the NYI.

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The Canucks need help with all their injuries, but they don't need help so much that they should pick up Komarov.


He'll need to quarantine for 2-weeks anyway so it's probably better for the Canucks to call-up someone from Utica if they need to rather than a waiver pickup like this.


His contact also just doesn't work for the Canucks.

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Benning may try anything to stay in the race for a playoff spot, but with all of their staring Centres now injured, in addition to Pearson, I think they're done for the year. Demko has been great and all, but the injuries are too much.  







not good enough IMO

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