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The Fire Benning protest outside Rogers Arena - A very poor turnout. LOL. Embarrassing.

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5 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

Infecting your neighbour isn't

Is stupid infectious?  That’s about all these fans were spreading.  Their protest and sign just exuded stupid.  

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29 minutes ago, 6YPE said:

Texas, Florida, and a lot of other places that are fully open and have dropping numbers disagree.... 

Totally different situation there vrs here my friend, Those states came close to heard immunity from infection alone, now that Vaccine rates in those states are over  50% they are getting life back to Normal. 



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Look, gun to my head, the sensible thing to do is to speak with your wallet and withhold money if you want to see changes.  That will always hurt owners.


However, other fans don't see it that way.  Evidently, we saw this with Gillis and we will probably see this with Benning if this "protest" is any predictor.  At the end of the day, that's their own thing and if spending money to protest is what they feel is their best option to bring about change, then let them be.  As long as they aren't committing crimes, vandalizing property, compromising the healthy and safety of people, who cares what they do lmfao?


Hope this helps.

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Squamfan is terrible at organizing protests...

Truthfully these few fans protesting have spent more time as fans of our team with making their sign and showing up at the arena than I have in a long while.  Yes, I make sport of them, but good for them taking time to be active fans.  But damn that sign is just so funny!  :lol:



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1 minute ago, Devron44 said:

End of Gillis tenure - no hope in sight.


Benning now - lots of hope and things to be excited about. Even if he’s fired next year we are gonna be ok.


Nobodies going to be chanting anything but Go Canucks Go next year 

Okay but you remember the contracts he gave out 4 years ago right? What other discourse do we have other than ignoring everything else, and harping on that?! 

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2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Big game hunting in free agency is where he’s made his biggest errors. 

If we’re looking to fill holes in free agency it should be of the Hamonic/Ferland level. (Ferland would have been a great signing if he was healthy)


If we look at his last three big trades however I would say he’s vastly improved. Miller, Toffoli, and Schmidt were all great acquisitions. Unfortunately the cap kinda screwed us but I still do that Toffoli deal at the time. Miller has become a core player for us and I still think Schmidt fills a need for us. If not I think he can be traded for better value than the 3rd we traded for him.


Im excited about the prospect of him making trades this summer because I think there’s a lot of value deals to be had with the expansion draft looming. I see us making at least one big trade to bring in a core piece. Something like 9OA, Schmidt, and Juolevi to Columbus for Seth Jones would be a huge move.




Someone else mentioned this already, but you're one of the most level headed posters on here.

Ferland was risky but man it would've paid huge dividends. Covid screwed the Tyler Foli signing, as much as that one stings. 

I'm also excited, I think we're going to have a great next season. If we don't, I think it's pretty obvious we'll see some big changes.

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1 hour ago, ruilin96 said:

I posted this on Canucks reddit, but here...



This could be a good Wish.com meme as well. Lol

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1 hour ago, Dazzle said:


I usually don't want to reference Reddit because they can be an echo chamber as well, but this is a reflection of what some people thought of the very low turnout. Someone said it was less than 20 people.


I'm not even sure Squamfan bothered to show up, though I do remember him trying to drum up the support here.

If I owned this team I would be little concerned that there was only twenty people who had enough drive to show up at protest that was about the future of the organization.

Have the rest of the fans just tuned out.      Did anyone show up to support Jimbo?     Fans are losing interest.

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