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[Waivers] 29 players - Oct. 06, 2021

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Sucks that Gadjovich was waived.  Hope Gadjovich clears.  If he's claimed, then hopefully he can carve out a good career (but of course, not against the Canucks).


Not surprised at Lind.  I doubt the Canucks claim him as they seem pretty content with their depth players to start the season while Sutter and Motte are out.


Curious if the Canucks have any interest in Roland McKeown.  I don't think he's a major upgrade at RHD but given Hamonic's situation, maybe they want to add a RHD to keep as depth?  It would presumably mean that one or two of Rathbone, Juolevi or Hunt would be waived/demoted.

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I can see why so many people are angry but doubt Gadjovich will get claimed considering the type of other talent that are in the waiver wire right now. This is actually the best time to sneak him in. WHen you look at the D and now Sutter and Motte being out, defensive players are where it's at and Gadjovich doesn't have that. If there was a spot in the top nine open, then he would slot in well but not the forth line.

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I think McKeown would make a great depth signing and give us more flexibility on the right side.He played for Skelleftea last year in the SHL and before that was trying to break the Hurricanes lineup which was difficult because of who was in front of him. He skates well, solid defensively and would help us in a time where we need more quality RH dmen.

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