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[Report] Tanner Pearson to miss the remainder of 2022-23 season

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23 minutes ago, stawns said:

there aren't many "needle movers" on a team and you need players like Pearson to be successful.  Hopefully he's back healthy and ready to go next season



13 minutes ago, kanucks25 said:

Thanks Benning.

Not smart.

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Tough go for Pearson.  Even though I questioned the decision to prioritize re-signing Pearson, he has mostly been a decent middle 6 forward for the Canucks.  Hope Pearson has a smooth recovery.


Assuming Pearson comes back healthy, I can see a team being interested in Pearson for his final year or as a rental next year.  A bit of retention on Pearson for 1-year would also not be as painful.

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Could this be some cap space wiggle room we need to work some deadline magic? 

I believe Pearson is just on injured reserve not LTIR. (correct me if I'm wrong) 

If we move him to LTIR, could we possibly retain on someone like Miller or Boeser to make it more attractive and take back unwanted salary like a cap dump? 

Rumour is that Boeser is currently worth  a 2nd. Could this turn into a 2nd and a prospect or even a first? 

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