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Why do you watch?

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The season opener versus Edmonton was exciting. It was a new Canucks team, with new some new faces, and a new season, but I just couldn't help but feel bored after watching them today. Watching the Burrow's tribute reminded me that we've been watching the same Canucks for over 11 years. Now, I know that we've seen new players come and go, but the identity of the team remains the same for the past century, simply because it's the 'Sedin era.' 

I don't know about you, but I don't get excited when I'm watching 80% of this Canucks team. I love when Horvat or Baertschi get the puck on their stick, and I get excited when I see Virtanen finally get some ice time, but other then that, I just feel that while I'm watching I'm just waiting for the young guys to get back on. I know for his job's sake that Benning needs to ice a team that will have a 'winning environment.' But right now, there's only Virtanen who gets to participate for 8 minutes in that winning environment. I don't believe that adding veterans gives a team a 'winning environment.' 
This offseason I got ecstatic about the idea that I could watch a full season of Boeser, or that maybe we could see how Juolevi does for a few games at the start of the season, or perhaps some of the goals that Goldobin will score. But right now, we're not seeing any of that. We're seeing new faces in veterans, and I don't know about you, but I get more excited watching Virtanen get a shot than I do watching Vanek get a goal. So my question for you is why do you watch the Canucks?

Do you watch them to see them win? In this case, you don't care who they ice as long as the get the W. Put old guys out there, prospects, heck 12 year olds, do whatever you have to do to get the win. It's not so much about the incorporation of youth into the lineup as it is about Canucks heading to the dressing room with 2 points. 

Do you watch to get glimpses of the future? In this case, you don't care so much about the win as much as you do watching the young kids play (even though getting a win is nice, it's not the priority). Yes, you're still going to be watching the Sedin's pass the puck around, but you're fine with that because now they have a fresh new baby face to dish the puck to. It's about watching the kids who are 'our future' getting their chances to make a name for themselves. You wanna see Goldobin, Virtanen, Horvat, Juolevi, and Boeser out there, hopefully racking up a point or 2 in a game. This case let's us get excited about the future and the new identity that will become of the team once the Sedin's leave.

Do you watch for entertainment? In this case, it's not so much about the infusion of the prospects, or about the winning, it's just simply that you'll be entertained. You don't care who's out there as long as there is a beauty of a goal, maybe a fight or 2, a sprawling save, and a highlight hit. You watch the game for one reason: to be entertained, and that's all you care about.

Obviously, it's easiest to say it's a combination of the 3. But that's too easy, tell me the primary reason.

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Watching to see a hard-working team, giving a full 60 minute effort.  It's the twins' last year here most likely and we've been incredibly lucky to get to watch them.  Love Virtanen shutting up all the haters who were lurking on these boards over the last year or so.  Kid's going to be a stud for us.

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I watch because when I moved to Canada as a nine year old kid in 1994, the first game I ever watched included 'the save' and one of the greatest Bure goals of all time. I became a Canuck fan that day and that is truly why I watch.

BUT if you held a gun to my head and made me pick one of the three choices, I watch to see the future of this team evolve and grow. It's great watching a great team develop and knowing that there are kids out there that are going to become life long, die hard Canucks fans like I did when someone scores the goal that gets us to the cup, the goal we'll talk about for the rest of our lives. Knowing more great memories that I can share with my friends and family is why I enjoy watching the future great team evolve.

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I think the fact that we're Nucks fans is a given, so I like your options. At this stage with where our team is at, I watch to see the future. I want to see guys like Virtanen progress and give glimpses of what's in store for us. Next year should be even better as more younger guys take over the reigns and push out some older veterans. Once the majority of our prospect pool makes up our new core and most of our lineup, I'll be watching for wins and a chance at the cup. 

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7 hours ago, debluvsburrows said:

Where's the "it's in my blood" option?


7 hours ago, Roger Neilson's Towel said:

D.) All of the above. 



If there are "fans" on CDC who need a reason to watch, I don't get it and I definitely can't relate.


Whether the team is up, down, rebuilding or Cup contenders, I just watch to cheer for my team. Been through the tough years before and no doubt it's not easy to like this organization sometimes. But going through these down years is what makes the up years so much sweeter. I've invested so much emotionally in this team over the years. I mean,  I couldn't even watch game 7 of the 94 SCF for God sakes, seriously, due to the overwhelming emotion of that moment.


So I don't need a reason to watch.  I just watch.




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9 minutes ago, MJDDawg said:

But going through these down years is what makes the up years so much sweeter. I've invested so much emotionally in this team over the years.

Yes, I watch because every year is an important year in the team's history, whether it seems like it or not.


It was a lot more emotional cheering for the run in 2011 because I saw those years where Burrows and Bieksa came out of nowhere, Kesler was a 3rd line shutdown grinder and the Sedins were thin kids that couldn't keep position on the puck. I saw the impact of Sundin's short time here on the Sedin's game. I saw the Trevor Linden and &^@# Messier saga and know intimately how thankful I am that Linden decided to come back to the organization. I know how excited I was the day that the Canucks finally got a legitimate goaltender in Luongo, or that a complete busted pick like Patrick White 4 years earlier helped get us Erhoff.


In a few years when this team is competitive again, I'll appreciate it more knowing how lucky we were to grab Stecher from college, knowing how unsure the reclamation projects of Bae and Granlund were. I'll know how conflicted I was at the loss of Schneider and how happy I am now that we got Bo instead. If Virtanen helps us lift the Cup I'll remember the $&!# he took from everyone in 2016 and that I saw him grow into a player.


2017-2018 may mean nothing for the Canucks on the pages of history if you glance over it, but it may mean a lot if you look back critically years from now.


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