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(Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

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42 minutes ago, Alflives said:

I really hope, if we move either Hutton or Gudbranson, the return is picks and prospects.  I will not be pleased if the return is a player (or players) who are over 24 and said to help us in the now, and are already developed.  

I'd be happier with all prospects unless its a potential lotto ticket. I don't know what Hutton could return on his own tho.... maybe a project F? or maybe a Dorsett replacement? Hutton seems to me to be more valuable as part of a multi-player deal. 

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27 minutes ago, rekker said:

Cue the media barrage dumping on our players and lowering their values.

Is it possible to lower their value below where it already sits?...


Like, seriously, we've got pretty close to the worst defense in the league - who on Earth is going to give us good value for d-men we don't even want?  We aren't getting a bunch of high picks and decent prospects for Guds and Hutton.  We waited a year too long with Hutton and now his value is only a fraction of what it was.  And, guds, well...  We aren't even getting back half of what we paid for him.  Like always, our management falls in love with our players.  We never sell-high, we always wait and sell-low instead.

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