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Which day this week will Bess get signed?  

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58 minutes ago, Alflives said:

That’s a good observation.  I should have added that as an option.  

What day of this week do you think that might happen?  

Wedneversday. Could you imagine giving away a #1 winger for what exactly? The Oilers did it for a top 4 defensman. I suggest we don't do the same.


8x8 is my offer. He is a team 1st guy and he knows his money and long term success is going to come from being EP40's winger, so he is more likely to sign the offer of 4 years 7 million. Canucks retain his RFA rights on the back end and Brock gets paid his next contract.


There's no chance they will squabble into training camp.



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57 minutes ago, dpn1 said:

I think he will sign on Tuesday and the deal will be 6.9 X 7.  It seems like what ever the media says is usually higher than what the contract actually ends up being.

Quite the opposite really. Ferland and Myers were reported as a lot higher, yet we got them on relatively team friendly deals. 

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16 hours ago, Whaleroad Train said:

Boeser probably signed last week.  Benning just hasn't bothered to tell the media, as he likes watching them run around in circles as if the sky is falling.

I'd love for this to have happened tbh, especially if it was casually announced "Oh, we've already had a deal done. We've just been working on other things." or something along those lines. 

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