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[PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 19, 2020

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Just now, DonaldBrashear said:

We have 2 wins in our last 8 games. Not sure what to say. Losing to teams like Anaheim and Minnesota on home ice is not really sitting well with me.

2 wins in our last 8? No way if you ask the homers in here its only one loss. Oh yeah and nothing wrong with Horvat at all. Nope hes fine, hes -6 and wants absolutely nothing to do with the puck right now.

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My two key takeaways from the negative aspects of our team... 

1. Stecher and Benn are #7 d-men on good teams. 


2. Gaudette is really struggling on both ends of the ice.  He might be hitting a rookie wall, much like we saw with Elias last year.  Roussell and Virtanen aren't playing hard enough for him either, and that line is a major liability on the ice every single time they go over the boards.  


I know it sounds a little harsh, but I know that Gaudette will get better for next season.  We're really hoping to sneak into the playoffs and we need another year or even two before we can iron out all the little details on our roster.  Having said that, getting Tryamkin to join us this year would be a godsend, and Juolevi and Brisebois will be much welcomed if they can crack our lineup next year. 


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1 minute ago, khay said:

Looks like Stecher is the new CDC whipping boy. 


Nothing he could've done on that.


NHL should extend 3-on-3 to 10 minutes and call it a draw after that. Shooutout isn't fun to watch anyways.


They should have to shoot the puck into a giant toilet from way up in the rafters.

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