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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild | August 4th, 2020 | 7:45pm PT, SNP | SCQ Game #2

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3 hours ago, stawns said:

While everyone wants to win, this series is about the experience, the outcome is secondary.  I want them to come out and play a better game.

There’s good experience and bad experience, getting shutout and swept would be bad experience and the players would come out of it much worse off, we need to start winning otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity that may set us back a few years

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24 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Listening to 650 radio and the officiating wasn't just glaring to me it seems.  Again, paraphrasing, Harman Dayal who feels that it was a bit mind boggling that Petey didn't get calls considering that refs in games previous to ours were calling everything (and evenly).  Said he also expects more from Toffoli and Miller in order to free Petey up more.  Said Petey did a good job at battling and came prepared for what he'd be facing.  (I agree)


Sutherland sucks, plain and simple.  I promise to let this go after today, but Wild have to be penalized for crap that they do (too).  Matters overall and reffing needs to be at top level ... in a 5 game do or die series, especially so.

Refs were fine. Hockey is rough. Trips and hooks will get penalties, not pushing. 

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5 hours ago, Setyoureyesontheprize said:

Ok ladies and gents. We’ve all been focusing on the negatives too much. 

let’s consider some of the bright spots:


1) our young core officially got their first taste of the playoffs together. That is HUGE! they kept us competitive for the entirety of the season and got us to this point. They’re young but they are hungry. I mean did you see petey putting his head down and battling through all that crap like a champ? So let’s keep on believing in them. We know that wasn’t their best, we know what they can do when they’re skating fast and making quick plays. Considering that they will be together for (hopefully) many  more years to come this is a great opportunity for them to push themselves to a whole another level. I’m so excited to witness their growth!



2) Everyone is healthy after game 1. This is great news, Ferland showed that he is ready to go, the team dished out  40 hits compared to Wilds 26.  We took some big hits too, but kept on battling and getting back up. 


3)the kids kept it clean the vets not so much. All of our infractions were by vets with “experience”. The young guns kept their cool and played an entire playoff game without taking dumb penalties..



4) we owned the wild in the f/o dot winning 59% of the draws. That’s a great start now just need to hold on to pucks and make plays. Example is the Avs game during the regular season:



5) we haven’t even iced our best lineup. This is the roster that showed tremendous chemistry together in the past: 



6) we have 3 fresh bodies that are ready to unleash fury on the wild. Did you watch the highlight above? See JV with that big boy hit? That’s the way to play the wild. Last time I checked this is a best of 5 series. Wild won’t last. 


Can you think of any other positives I missed? 

7) It ain't over until it's over.  Go Canucks Go!!!!! :towel:

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1 hour ago, canuck2288 said:

Then the changes were not the right changes 


not a matter of simply changing the lineup, that’s only part of it 


line pairings, line matchups, trap breaks down d zone coverage 


mu concern is that frankly is beyond Green’s abilities 



So in other words, it's the typical every loss is blamed on Green/Brown/Benning/Sutter/LE, while every win is credited to everyone else but this group.

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11 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:

Crappy teams and lazy players blame the ref.


Good teams don't make excuses....   Our club needs to take responsibility, our top 6 needs to be better.... Much better. 

Sort of like lazy teachers blame the Gov't?  Sorry but I had to KOS because if we expect others to take responsibility and not make excuses and blame others, that starts with us.  Apply it in your own life as well as expecting others to just suck it up and deal with it.  Just as the team can find a way to work around it, wear a mask and keep your distance.  Seems fair.


If you think the officiating's fine, that's your opinion.  Not all share it (or mine).  Sutherland's not just in our bad books.

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30 minutes ago, Silky mitts said:

It’s time to live and die by our top six . Green needs to play the top six twenty plus minutes .

Number one thing....protect Petey and take some heat off him so he can work his magic.  Bet a lot falls in to place if that happens.

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