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(Edit)(Disscussion) Evander Kane UFA / Contract Termination Investigated


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1 hour ago, D.B Cooper said:

Poor Demko. 
This team is so broken.   

Please for the sake of the young kids, fire this coach before we ruin them and they all hate being here 

Demko has 2,500,000 reasons to be happy.


Per year.

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4 hours ago, Alflives said:

What if the Sharks give us their 2022 first (unprotected) and retain 50%, and they take back Pearson to balance the cap?  Still a super bad idea?  

I would do it 



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On 11/23/2021 at 11:45 PM, Angry Goose said:

Bring in Babcock, Kane, whats the worse that could happen?

I’d rather watch that sh*t show then this current one! 

Edit: trade Pearson for Kane with retained money. 1 for 1. Give Bo a decent winger.

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On 11/24/2021 at 5:06 PM, Provost said:

I think we should totally be in on Kane.

The deal would be.

Kane 50% retained
SJ 1st round pick


Sounds about perfect to me... then we suspend Kane the moment he misbehaves and try to terminate him for breach of contract.

The buyout cap hit is next season is pretty much the same as retaining 50%.  They are far more likely to simply buy Kane out than give up assets.  SJS is also trying to get younger.


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