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2022 Training Camp Thread

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1 minute ago, DeNiro said:

Would be my guess but who knows, could be a knee or an ankle and they just don’t have the proper timeline yet.


If it’s a lower body injury from a hit it’s likely something got twisted the wrong way.

When I saw it live, I thought it might be a collarbone or something upper body.

The hit looked a tad dirty to me, but I haven't seen a video on it since.

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4 minutes ago, Strawbone said:

Damnit I knew it when we didn’t get a quick update after the game or the next morning. This sucks. I don’t follow other training camps but other teams must have key guys getting banged up too?

Yea that’s an important thing to remember, lots of teams are facing injuries too it’s not just us. Even though it feels like we’re cursed sometimes.


Injuries will happen. If they’re measured in weeks and not months count ourselves lucky. Also if they don’t hit too many of the same position at once that’s key.


Just more opportunity to see what we have from some of the younger players.



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6 minutes ago, Goal:thecup said:


I mean he doesn’t hit his head or land on his shoulder or wrist awkwardly. Safe to say it was in fact lower body.


It was from an awkward angle though. If you watch his left ankle it does kind of get caught when he’s knocked down. That could also cause knee or groin injuries though.


The old high ankle sprain is the most common though. That’s one of the more difficult ones to put a timeline on.


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12 minutes ago, Muttley said:

I can't believe the dumb, bad luck! The play didn't look that bat. I just didn't see anything. WE; Not off to a good start. Dang!

Tavares is out three weeks for the Leafs.


Important to remember we’re not the only one who deal with injuries.


As long as they’re not key injuries we have the depth to replace them in the short term.

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