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This Team Has No JAM!


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I know this comment is coming off a complete drubbing, and it feels like I'm piling on, but I've been posting this for a number of years. The Canucks must shed themselves of the Sedin's and Edler ASAP, as they are slow, ineffective, and have zero JAM- in fact I would go as far as saying they actually create a negative JAM effect around them. They are way to passive and disinterested in the intimidation piece of hockey, of which this piece when applied against them reduces their game even more. The Canucks have not been a good team since Kesler (Mr. JAM). We all remember the team line that the Sedins would preach, "well intimidated them, or make them pay for being aggressive with us on the power play...", not so effective anymore. If we cant deal them, I pray we don't resign them. This team needs to get Big, fast,talented, and mean. Otherwise it will continue to spiral in irrelevance, and I for one feel the fans of this city deserve better.

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You really jammed a lot of jam in that op.from mr jam to negative jam.

maybe a roger area we need a dude with his arm in the air giving every one a “jam-o-meter” so we all know the level of jam we are currently outputting.

also I check and have formally requested “jam” be added to advanced stats.


i get what your saying thou call it what/you want culture identity, push back, jam, emotion spark this group lacks it and it starts with the  leadership. 

We have the culture of “turn the other cheek” personally I’ve never been a fan I’m more an eye for an eye and stand up for your self and your mates. But Until a new leader takes control and puts his stamp on what’s expected we will be jamless. 




Jam o meter

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