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[GDT] Canucks @ VGK - GAME 7 WCSF - Sept 4 2020 - 6pm PACIFIC - SNET, NBC, NHLTV

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1 minute ago, MikeyD said:

When Green submitted to being the weaker team that can't compete and told his team not to forecheck, just defend the middle of our defensive zone. 

pretty much..... 1 guy deep , 4 guys back but somehow vegas still has no issue gaining our zone and playing with the puck

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6 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

I'd love to here anyone defend Newell's joke of a pp now. 

All he had to do is adjust to their blue line stand 


this pp refuses to chip it in 


if ep darts in under speed and we pass through that wall they are dead 

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C'mon boys.

Vegas ain't no slouches.  Won't just roll over.

We gottum snakebit with 20 minutes of serious hockey left.

Starting the most important period of our entire play-offs in memory, on a powerplay!

So much to like.

Pour me another barkeep.





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3 minutes ago, AnotherCanucksFan said:

WTF! A golden opportunity with a 5 minute major and they get ONE shot on their powerplay?!!! 6 shots in two periods. At this rate, Canucks will have the lowest shot total in a playoff day.


Why didn't the NHL let them play on Saturday? This would be a MUCH better game.

Blame the Kentucky Derby and NBC

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1 minute ago, khay said:

They have got to change PP formation. They are blocking QH to EP. Get a shooter on the both sides like Boeser rather than Miller. They are giving us a shot from the right side! Take the shot! Take Toffoli off and get JT and Bo down low.

Pettersson NEEDS to be the one to dish out the pucks. Like you said, his slap shot lane is completely shut. 

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1 minute ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

It's unfortunate that this power play gets carried over to the next period. Several seconds will be killed automatically once the puck drops at centre ice.

Statistically PPs that carry over are much less likely to score. So knowing that, given our play, this kills about 90 seconds which doesn't help us unless we had a goal already.

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