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Do Canuck fans think Benning is a great GM?

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Do Canucks fans vote Benning is a great GM  

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he's not *great*.  UFA signings such as Loui Erickksson, Michael Del Zaster, Sam Gagne at 3 million dollars per year, when infact they are worth 1/5th that, the gudbranson trade, trading a 2nd for Linden Vey, does not help with his cause, but to be fair too, Vanek for Motte, 1st rounder for MIller, Toffoli trade, Trading Gudbranson for pearson, and a good draft record in the end makes him an OK gm in my books.  upgraded from terrible to good in my books. 

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I think Benning is great, this team is surging upwards and will be very competitive for a long time to come....Instead of emptying the pantry of prospects to get better, Benning has strengthened it and this ill make the Canucks growth sustainable.

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Great is a strong word.  He's signed some really bad deals.  The Eriksson contract is one of the poorest in league history...didn't even get 50% value in the first year of the deal and it was downhill from there.  But Jim's done some fantastic drafting...and a bit of not great drafting.


I'd say a pretty good GM as of today.  What happens over the next handful of years could elevate him to great.

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Benning has done a lot in the 5 years, lots of ups and downs, but in the end, he's turned the team from a sinking ship to a beacon of hope. A place where star players actually want to come play. People look at the negatives way too harsh, but Benning has done a lot of good to put the team into a position where we can competitively compete for a playoff spot. It comes down to whether he can properly tweak the supporting players and give Hughes and Pettersson the support they need to alleviate the pressure off of them. 

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58 minutes ago, runtzguy said:

He is a decent GM. But if he trades for OEL, he will become Canucks' second worst GM. Mike Keenan will always be #1 in my heart

I came here to say this.. If they trade for OEL I will be highly disappointed and trust he actually has no idea what he's doing.

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I don't like dichotomous thinking. I wouldn't categorize him as "great", but I would say good and above average.



2 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:

Jim the scout/drafter -  10 out of 10

Jim the UFA/Trader -  4-10 


So that converts to 70 % - so close to a.  solid C +


Decent but room to improve. 

I would argue his trading is pretty solid, but agree that is UFA contracts have been pretty iffy. He's had a few good re-signing deals though, like Horvat, Boeser, and Edler.

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