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[Rumour] Montreal Plans to Offersheet Pettersson


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Well if he all of a sudden has 10.5 million in salary cap space, yeah, I don't him for doing it. Benning will match but it could cripple the salary cap structure. It also would mean that Petersson has to accept an offer sheet and so we'll see if he does that. Chances are it would be like 9.5 x 8 and if that's the case, and we avoid a stupid bridge contract for Petersson, so be it. 9.5 x 8 for Petey will be worth it and that deal would end when he's 30 so it's not like he's making big money outside of his prime anyways.

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3 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

Bergevin should take his little red suit and go play on the freeway. Goof. 

I don't mind him, though I'm surprised he's managed to hold on to his job this long given past moves. He's made some good ones, an offer sheet to Pettersson would be pointless though, we'll match it. 


A signed Pettersson makes Montreal better, and extends their competitive window. Losing a player like Pettersson pumps the breaks on our being competitive in a big way, Montreal's picks wouldn't be worth that, not as we're so close to being free of our cap anchors. The cost might be higher than desired by management, but it'd be matched all the same. 

Just now, Bounce000 said:

It would be hard to say no to $10 mil

Sure, but Petey's pretty close with a lot of the guys and he's going to be paid regardless. 

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