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Bode Wilde unvaccinated - "hoping his human rights are enough to allow him to play...what a world"

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19 minutes ago, Dazzle said:



"Hoping my human rights are enough to let me play ... what a world," the 21-year-old defenseman wrote in a comment on Instagram, according to Arthur Staple of The Athletic.


What a facepalm comment. Just absolutely despicable because he THINKS he has the human rights to play hockey. Playing hockey is a privilege, not a human right. What a stupid, stupid anti-vaxxer.

Karen Wilde was once a kid I thought had a stellar career outlook but, wow, that was a bullet dodged by Canucks not drafting him      

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Lou won't let his players have a beard. You really think he'll let an unvaccinated player anywhere near his club which has STANLEY CUP ASPIRATIONS?!? He's the new Josh Ho Sang. No way he'll ever play a game for the Islanders with this stance, Lou won't have it. If there's one guy not to piss off in the NHL, it's Lou Lamoreillo.


I do like this trend that NHL clubs are going towards... unvaccinated players, especially on the bubble, aren't even being welcomed to NHL training camps. Rinaldo, Bertuzzi, Wilde... curious who's next.


It's amazing Wilde has this stance considering he was not that long ago committed to playing NCAA hockey at Harvard. How the winds have blown.


I will say, I did just read an Athletic article about the NFL and its unvaccinated players and apparently the "inconveniences" placed on unvaccinated players (daily testing, can't leave hotel while traveling, can't sit with anyone) have really weighed on some vaccine hesitant players and they're starting to get vaccinated in record numbers because the isolation was getting too tough for them. Also certain players who weren't vaccinated were getting fined heavily for doing things like not wearing a mask for a minute and other stuff and that caused some players to get vaccinated too.


At the end of the day, we have vaccines that are safe, they work, are FDA approved (Pfizer is), and make life easier for everyone. This isn't a human rights issue. These are grown men getting paid ungodly amounts of money to play a sport. This isn't the sword to die on. For anyone. Professional athlete or not.


I just hope the Canucks get to 100% vaccination rate before the start of the season.


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Just now, VegasCanuck said:

I personally think, the NHL should give teams an out to buyout a contract for vaccination purposes, and not face a cap penalty on it. Same calculation as normal, but if someone is refusing to get vaccinated, that should be grounds for them to buy him out.


I doubt the NHLPA would allow it.

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7 minutes ago, AV. said:

I doubt the NHLPA would allow it.

NHLPA doesn't want these unvaccinated idiots infecting the majority of the players who aren't ignorant lunatics.  I'd go a step further and let teams suspend these losers without pay until they decide to be men and do the right thing.


How in holy hell can this piece of garbage go into any locker room and look his teammates in the eye knowing he's willingly made himself a biohazard.

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1 hour ago, Rob_Zepp said:

Impressed JB and staff knew about COVID when only Wuhan lab leakers, Fauci and some guy named Fred who controls the news we all read were aware.....good for JB.    B)

Well he clearly has some serious character issues if he's this bad of a teammate.

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