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RODIN waived


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If the Canucks did not sign Vanek, then perhaps he might have had a space, but he would still have had to outplay quite a few people.


I have liked the Rodin story with his return to the NHL last season after a successful stint in the SHL.  It was nice to see him get a chance to play in the NHL and it's too bad that injuries hampered his ability to get into the line up last season.


Rodin has a bad injury history, has a slight frame and, IMHO, isn't a much better skill option than others that the Canucks have (e.g. Burmistrov, Vanek, etc.).  He didn't have a bad preseason but he also didn't outplay any of the other guys.  If Rodin gets through waivers, he'll be good for Utica and good depth for the Canucks.  If not, then I hope he finds success elsewhere!

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The thing is, the kid has hardly played any hockey over the last 2 YEARS, which sucks because he's turning 27 in November. 2 years is a lot to miss during what's normally considered prime time for a forward. 

Finally, he's healthy but it's going to take some time to get his head and legs back into game shape.

You don't get named the MVP of the SEL because you're average. I hope he clears and goes to Utica instead of Sweden. Utica is going to have a great fricken team this year. He would do well to go down there and sharpen himself up.


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Hmmm not on the on the sites so far.  I don't believe you can waive someone at any time of the day, has to be 9am Pacific and everyone clears at the same time 24hrs later.

Maybe he has been told he will be waived tomorrow?  He wasn't practicing so it is coming I am sure.

It seems like the roster is pretty clear right now (lines changing around of course and subject to injuries):










Del Zotto-Gudbranson




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29 minutes ago, Honky Cat said:

Unfortunate for him,but didn't demonstrate nearly enough...Hopefully,he makes it to Utica,and we can see him up here sometime during the season..

He had a hard time demonstrating much of anything as he had limited games on the roster and he was paired up with plugs who skate fast but forget to bring the puck with them (Menga and Shampoo).  He'd show much better with decent line mates, although he probably needs about 10-20 games to get back up to speed after so much time off.  I think we'll see him in the NHL some time this season.

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