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[Report] Oilers Give Kassian Permission To Seek Trade


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basically what the oil are saying is we already tried to move you but nobody wanted you so if you can find someone who wants to make a deal then lets do it.   With his history and now this there are zero teams that would want him.   He just needs to suck it up.  My guess the oil would basically give him away.


Most Van fans have soft spot for him, as do I, but we have moved on.  


I have said it before and still maintain that when he started as an oiler he had to drop the mitts and play energy guy in order to stick - but that is not how he is programmed.  His preference is to play a pass and shoot game and probably not happy being stuck in an unnatural role for him.   Unfortunately, he isn't consistent enough to have the role he wants.


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36 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

How is Gagner a locker room issue for the Canucks when he plays for the Marlies?

He would be a huge problem if he came back up to the Canucks.  Lazy, entitled floater who whined about his well-deserved demotion to the AHL.  If he thought his pitiful effort in the preseason was acceptable, that's not someone we want around the youth.

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38 minutes ago, luckylager said:

I watched a Canucks TV bit where a few of the kids were complaining about his choice of music, country...

I know that it's difficult to comprehend but I think there are several present Canucks who enjoy country music.  Sutter for one.  I think there a few who go both ways as well.  What I mean is they like both Country and Rock :o  And then there's the rappers.  Good Lord, the room must be so divided.  :unsure:


The Hockey Guy has a piece on Kassian.  He said that he believes the Canucks are in no way interested.



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