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[Hearing] Lucic being lucic

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NHL update on Milan Lucic punch 


NHL department of player safety has contacted Calgary Flames ownership to be part of the hearing.


Calgary Flames GM and Department of player safety have decided to sign Milan Lucic to a contract extension, he will not be suspended at this time.


As actually playing for the Flames is punishment enough and an extension borders on human rights violations, cruelty to animals and war crimes.



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5 hours ago, Westcoasting said:

Even though i hate Lucic personally and i have never cheered for the flames... i can't believe that a punch to the face with a glove on gets looked at now.... what a shame :(

I agree with you that it seems soft for the NHL to be looking into a punch to the face with a glove on but this was quite a bit more extreme than your typical gloved hockey punch. I'd say 99% of punches are half hearted jabs, Lucic tried take the guys head off.

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some thoughts from the video..


1/ Quite the punch there - dude got leveled.. suspension worthy imo.. 


2/ loved the pushback by both teams: sherwood digs the goalie late, gets decked, everyone gets involved.. not that I'm looking for line brawls, but at least there was a response


3/ who's the Blue Jacket taking 2 Flames? 


4/ Looch is a goon.. so glad that friggin plug isn't wearing blue & green.. 


5/ F@¢# Calgary.. 

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