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Roussell Fined

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I was confused as to why people thought this was unreasonable until I saw that he got fined for a slash and not for (inadvertently) tossing a stick over the glass. 


I like that people think Parros is smart because he went to an Ivy league school. Do people not understand how things work when you're an athlete at a Div I NCAA school?

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5 minutes ago, oldnews said:

probably won't be a popular opinion but...


I think the team might need to move Roussel.

I don't dislike the player, but not sure how vital, or effective he is.


I think they could use more toughness and less agitator.  Trade Roussel - free up his cap for the future - add a rental for this run (Simmonds, Thompson, etc).

As good as Roussel's motor may be - he's not the fastest, not the heaviest, not the hardest guy to play against.


And here's the thing - if you're going to take a fine, perhaps pick your spot better.


Boston - EP gets run. 

Calgary - slashes, cheap shots, clutch and grab all night....


Instead - take a fine on a slash in a lopsided victory on a relatively inconsequential opponent (sorry Yannick but I'd use my freebies on someone else).


If you're not agitating, annoying the opponent's best players - ie Pastrnak, Gaudreau, etc - particulary when your own best players are being hunted....I'm not sure you're doing your job.


Moreover, the league has a hard-on for penalizing Roussel - probably the last thing this team needs in terms of giving them opportunities to shaft us - and in terms of 'reputation'.


I'd rather move on - to guys that command respect - and play a heavier game.  Not taking anything away from him - he was very good last year, he's a good two way hockey player (admittedly drives me nuts sometimes with his puck movement in his own zone) but regardless - if I were GM I'd be shopping him right now.


To Columbus


To Van



Flip that - or a lesser - pick in a deal for Thompson, Simmonds....toughness that can play.

Gain 3 million in cap hit over the next couple seasons....he's moveable cap, probably gains a return, particularly at this time of year.

They have ZacMac, Bailey..... Lind - guys in Utica - and can add depth if necessary.  I'm in favour of spending to have centers  like Beagle, Sutter in the mix, but bottom six winger cap is where I'd trim. 





Probably uncharacteristic, ( me agreeing with you)

but I agree with you

I posted in another thread that playing rough is not in our teams make up.

And the Roussell spat at the end of the Nashville game kind of exemplifies that.

THey don't re-act when they should, then over re-act the next game.


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