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[Fired] Mark Donnelly

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3 minutes ago, Ms.Glitter said:

YOU CAN'T FIRE SOMEONE ON TWITTER because they 'might' attend a political rally ! 


He has free will to go and think what he wants!  what is this!




Francesco Aquilini is supposed to be a community and business leader



Well don’t look now because Aqua just did.  
No difference from firing a pediphile. 

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14 hours ago, drummer4now said:

Even though I personally wear a mask just because of the feel of it especially during winter I formally believe people should have the right to wear one or not..


IMO people improperly wearing masks do more harm than ones who don't.. 


The evidence behind them saving lives is also iffy.

Are you wearing a seatbelt while driving? Or is it also a “choice” for you?

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5 hours ago, canuck2288 said:

For the clowns on here that say people should have a choice regarding wearing a mask, well aquaman has the choice to hire and fire anyone he chooses 


see ya Mark 


when Covid hits your your fat a$$, when some non mask wearing fool sprays covid on you, I hope they find a box big enough for you 

This is the type of culture we're building here in Vancouver.

So proud of what we're doing guys.

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16 hours ago, Kevin Biestra said:


Is he fired for that?  His job is to sing the anthem.  I don't give an F what he thinks about masks or anything else.  And did he say he wants people to not wear them or he just wants people to have a choice?


Fauci told everyone to not wear a mask at the start.  I figure he ought to be held to a higher standard if indeed opinions about masks are relevant to employment and there is no discussion to be had about it.

How can someone be fired who isn't even paid? 


I think people should wear masks but they should be N95 or N95 with the faceshield because those are the only masks that actually do anything. 80% of people I see are just wearing cloth masks.. which are kinda useless. People literally think that wearing a cloth mask is going to prevent them from inhaling an airborne virus... 


Companies should be allowed to set policies for mandatory masks requirements.. it's their business and they should have the right to do that and escort you out if you refuse.


What I am against is closing down business and these CERB payments being thrown out like free candy. When we didn't know what we were dealing with I understood it. But now we know and for most of us it's not deadly at all. We can't be shutting down society ruining small businesses and putting ourselves in massive debt for a virus that has a high survivability rate and if you are against that then fine you can choose to stay home and receive sort of benefits, If you are at high risk - until there's a vaccine. You should have a choice, this is democracy. What we are seeing is there is no choice.. businesses are just being forced to shut down.. for what? Our taxes are going to go through the roof...It's not right. 


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59 minutes ago, Kevin Biestra said:


I don't think all politicians are trying their best to help people.  I think you'll have to look substantially harder to find unethical corrupt doctors.


The latter do exist, but they have their licenses revoked for stuff that politicians can do before breakfast.


Look no further than the White House recently... Scott Atlas. He's got the blood of thousands of Amercans on his hands with his quackery. I don't know why he still has his license!

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To all anti-maskers out there. I have a serious question:


To what liberties does wearing a mask remove you of exactly? Are you the kind of people who'd rather just walk the streets naked? You don't seem to be against wearing clothes so why does wearing a single mask that can save lives cause so much stress in your lives? There are a lot more things to be fearful about than wearing a mask.

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3 minutes ago, peaches5 said:

... just wearing cloth masks.. which are kinda useless. People literally think that wearing a cloth mask is going to prevent....


For the sake of discussion, can you post where you've read that they are useless?

Everything I've read says they are significantly more effective than doing nothing... which makes sense to me. The masks are usually pretty wet after some length of use... which tells us they are catching lots of the droplets and moistness that we would otherwise be projecting into the air.


I am curious what you're reading though.

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8 minutes ago, Tystick said:

This is the type of culture we're building here in Vancouver.

So proud of what we're doing guys.

You prefer the tin foil hat Covidiot culture ?


Let me guess, you think 9-11 was fake news and you own a Make America Great Again cap. 

yeah that’s the culture Vancouver needs 


Alberta is right next door, has all the “culture” you seem to be looking for. Trust me we won’t miss you 

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54 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

1.   He's stated, quite emphatically, that he's "going to attend" the event AND perform there.  So there's no "might" involved.  He also has stated that he understood the consequences of those actions and accepted them as such.

2.  He has free will and can think what he wants...and he has to accept the consequences that come with that.   If he endangers people's lives and goes against Provincial health orders that makes it more than just about "him".  In which case, people also can exercise their free will and terminate him as they don't want his irresponsible behaviour to be associated with their business.  Think about a driver who wants to get behind the wheel and says "it's my decision to make...my car, my life".  Except you may harm others through your actions so....no.  

3.  Childish action?  It's actually quite responsible and adult like to want to enforce rules that are set out to protect society's most vulnerable.  Shouldn't even have to, but there are some who feel they know better than these experts.

4.  He is a community leader...and he's done a great job in this to protect the community he cares about.

This made me think of someone who would say

Drinking isn't against the law

Neither is driving

Just because they say i can't drive while doing the other is Wrong, I will do both :(


In a society it isn't always about oneself and your own rights (this is a pandemic)

It is about making a better safer life for everyone to enjoy (You could be committing 2nd degree murder with selfishness)

This is a deadly virus you can't see, If  anti maskers hadn't had chicken pox or a vaccine before, would they be running up to an infected person to prove something?

It is no fun for anyone right now, but it is here and we need to deal with it not ignore it

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I used to enjoy watching Donnelly sing the anthem, especially during the playoffs. 2011 playoffs, the arena was amazing.


However, let’s look at it from the Aqualini family point of view.
You own a multi million dollar asset, and one of the more noticeable “employees” (because we’re not sure if he’s contract or not) of their own free will blatantly supports a radical action going against both federal and provincial rules, and possibly said assets employee rules of conduct. 
What happens if the Aqualini family does nothing? Then they get hit, hard, for supporting a radical cause. That damage could be incredibly huge.

The Aqualini family did the correct thing. 

And for Mr Donnelly....





Go Canucks!

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