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Should Canucks Declare the position of Captain is Vacant before Training Camp?


Should WD Choose his own team Captain?  

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The captain should be someone who leads with his play. Hank's led the team in scoring, takes on the toughest D match-ups and is the face of perseverance (well either he or Daniel is-- they just keep getting back up and fighting on). No way you remove the C from someone with that character, class and skill (MAYBE for Hammer but he hasn't been around long enough).

Alright, enough summer posting for today. Go have fun outside, folks!

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The only way he should lose it if he does something that's clearly a disservice to the organization, or if someone else clearly deserves it over him. I don't see either of those things happening before this upcoming season.

I don't see him doing anything like that in his career.

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Absolutely not. Hank's the captain until he decides it's time to surrender the "C" to the next generation of this team.

I was going to write a post detailing all the reasons why "vacating" the captaincy is a bad idea.

However, it was going to be really long (because there's so many arguments against the idea).

I think the suggestion came with good intentions (fresh start, etc.) but, in practice, it would have really damaging results.

And in terms of a "fresh start," I think we're going to see that happen with Henrik leading the team. Probably more so than under a new captain.

I wasn't going to get into this but I'll try to explain it in brief (since I just erased my initial post because it was too long):

All the remaining players want to be here and are committed to this team and the current leadership group. The malcontents and distractions are gone. Any "cliques" that might have divided the dressing room have been broken. This has cleared the way for the current team to really come together like we've never seen before (not even during the 2011 run).

The new coaching and management group is all about positivity, respect, collaboration, and bringing everyone together to work toward a common goal. And Henrik's leadership style is ideally suited to this overall approach.

I really get the sense that there's a growing synergy between management, coaching, and the players--with everyone getting on the same page and choosing to leave their egos at the door when they enter Rogers Arena.

I think vacating Henrik's captaincy would run completely contrary to this.

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considering the current captain was groomed personally by the new president of the team, its not going to happen.

Haha, good point.

Plus he's just so obviously the captain. I think only Bieksa comes close in leadership ability and he's not got the elite abilities of Hank, so an A suits him just fine.

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It is my opinon that being Captain in hockey seems to mean a lot more to the fans and players than it does in other sports. In football in particular there are several captains.

Its a highly taboo subject . When someone is named captain there are two ways they relinquish it. Most of the time its when they are traded.

The other way is unsavory for the team, the fans and especially the player himself. Its only done under unusual circumstances.

The only way Henrik parts with the C is when he retires.

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Out of all the Canucks on the roster now, no one exudes Captain more than Hank. I would not argue if Willy D wanted to open that can, but I can only see one other possible candidate in Bieksa.

EDIT: He also embodies, encapsulates, epitomizes, personifies, exemplifies and represents Captain. As a Captain he also Optimizes the role.

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