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[Trade] EDM trades David Perron to PIT for 1st round pick

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Turning Perron into a 1st (albeit a late one) is a solid move. For the Oilers sake I hope they have a new crew making that selection. Oilers and Flames both have a good group of young forwards coming up. Hopefully GMJB can continue to stockpile high picks and/or young talent. Canucks need to keep looking to build. They cant win when it really matters with the team as its comprised IMO.

Your post transitioned from the Oilers to the Canucks in such a weird way.

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If they are having a firesale can the Canucks pry Justin Schultz out of EDM? We need a puck moving D man. I'm sure he is kicking himself that he didn't stay in Anaheim. His parents are huge Canuck fans and even though he has had a rough start to his career his future is very bright.... better than any of our current defensive prospects.

Idk about that, we'll see once Forsling has played half a season. Looks like a gem in the rough

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I can't believe Edmonton got a 2015 1st rounder.

Time for JimB to get knocking -- Old Man Rutherford looks willing to trade off assets for vets to win, and pay nicely.

I was going to say this as well in my earlier post. they're a top 3 pick for sure and could capably move down a spot and pick players up.

IE trading the 1st overall for say (Buffalo gets it) the 2nd overall and Tyler Myers or Tistolainen/Zadorov and then takes this spare 1st as well as Yakupov/RNH/Eberle and maybe + to get the 3rd 4th or 5th overall as well.

But a GOOD GM would seriously consider doing just that...

Edm could be in a brilliant position to clear out some of the stink of failure and mediocrity as well as cap space by doing just that, trading down and then again trading one of their big 4 + to get into the top 10 or better again. But...it's Edm and we all know how they work. Today not with standing

Yeah, but you're forgetting about who we're talking about here. When has it ever looked like they've had a plan past the next 5 minutes? Basically it appears they just wing it all the way along, as their "recreate the 80s" dream has been an ill-conceived and abysmal failure.

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I like the trade for the Pens...Perron wasn't a fit on the Oilers,a very useful player in the prime of his career having the life sucked out of him on a team thats rebuilding the rebuild....Pens will be picking somewhere around 26th overall this year..Even though its a deep draft,the Pens came out on top of this one ..IMO

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Good, albeit expensive upgrade for Pitt.

While Dupuis is out, still leaves them a little weak at RW with Downie or Bennett suspect on the 2knd line behind Hornquist. Also at 3C and 4c where Goc has not been good and Sutter inconsistent...

Must still be in buying mode, planning on shipping a D prospect for another forward? :bigblush:

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Good move for the Pens, not so much for the Oilers, IMO. The Oilers drafting outside the top picks leaves a lot to be desired. They needed a player further along in his development to bring along with their current core, not another project piece. The likihood of the pick at 25+, where this first rounder will fall, to be as good or better than Perron, is extremely low.

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Essentially turning a wasted top 10 pick in Paajarvi into another chance to draft in the first round.

Good trade for the Oil.

The deal was Paajarvi and a 2nd. That 2nd turned out to be Barbashev who looks to be a great pick.

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Guest Dasein

I still think a slide precipitates us moving from settling to selling in a hurry. I am absolutely unconvinced we are a playoff team. Miller to inconsistent, defense to porous even with a healthy hamhuis and our 5v5 numbers are among the worst of all the current playoff teams. Add in a lack of scoring on all counts from the top 6 on a regular basis and I really don't see us being buyers let alone doing nothing.

As for who I see potentially on the move, it's the same list I wrote down previously. Higgins and hansen would be sure fire pick ups for many playoff bound teams. I see Hamhuis as being more likely to be traded than bieksa off the blue line as Hamhuis has already played elsewhere yet Bieksa will die in a Nucks uni. barring that I see Tanev possibly pricing himself out of vancouver and Weber or Stanton being good depth purchases for a few teams.

As for Matthias and Richardson I pencil them in simply because they are upcoming UFAs and it is hard to say they'd either be signed again or re-signed. I'd love to hold on to Matthias BUT if he is playing his stock to an all time high we'd be crazy not to explore possible returns.

The white buffalo is Burrows who i feel could and should be moved simply based on his cap hit but we could also reap the benefits of having him here and his work ethic rubbing off on our upcoming youth because the guy absolutely leaves it all on the ice.

Really for selling there's only 4-5 sure fire names that we could/would/should move but as to whether or not Benning and Linden live up to their words is not my call nor in my ball park. I am still not convinced we're a playoff team and if this is to be the final year of our "retool" so be it.

I was also thinking by the by of the initial Ott trade that net Roy and Eakins for Dallas. Of which Roy was the far better player and Eakin the unknown but Eakin is turning out better and better as the years go by, so that is my mistake for saying a 1st.

But again, it is what the market will bear and the top 10 teams will be very attentive to what's available while the bubble teams will of course be looking to shore up at every possibility. It just takes 1 single knee jerk move by a GM to ensure that over payment, and we have the vets teams look for at this time of year to cement those playoff hopes

*Edit** I wouldn't even consider an off-season trade which would mean a far less favourable market. Sell high always

I don't think we're a contender, but it'll be pretty tough for us to miss the playoffs without missing some key personnels for an extended period of time (if the playoff cutoff is the same as last year, then the Canucks apparently needed just 0.500 hockey after the American Thanksgivings).

A slide definitely precedes a roster player trade unless someone calls with a really good trade that just makes sense for Benning. But I don't get why you think we should do something - if we're not buyers (and I don't think we are either), we don't have to be a seller - I am fine with standing pat.

The reason for that is that I think the #1 goal is to build a winning culture. Does being bounced out of the 1st round teach winning? No but it's a building step and a process. Winning isn't done overnight, but over multiple steps. First you experience losing - being bounced out in the first and second round. Then you come back stronger and try to go all the way after building on that experience.

Right now, after last season, the biggest thing the Canucks need is getting back to the playoffs IMO. They need to get back there and win a playoff game - not a series - a game at the very least (you can see my standards are not very high). The last time Vancouver won a playoff series was 2012. This team needs this - they need to regain their confidence, and that will go a long way for our veterans and our young players like Horvat.

The transition has already begun - Bo and Vey are two rookies. Bonino is young - so is Kassian. Edler and Tanev are entering their primes. These guys need to be brought up in a winning environment and it starts with this year.

Anyway, that's my #1 reason for status quo, and from your list of five, I would exclude the defensemen - I just don't see Hamhuis or Bieksa being moved. Higgins has never reached his career highs from Montreal before getting to Vancouver - we got him at age 27 for a 3rd round pick + Evan Oberg - it'll be hard to get anything higher out of a GM for Higgins at age 31 - the highest overpayment I see for his services is a 2nd round pick. Hansen is 28 - again, overpayment set at 2nd round pick IMO.

Burrows is the real X-factor when it comes to trades among the five you mention (and you mention this too lol). I think he would garner the best return, despite being 33. The cap hit is a tad high, but the former goal scoring prowess might attract a contender with a bit of cap room to overpay. I think trends show that GMs are more likely to overpay for a guy like Burr at the deadline than for guys like Higgins or Hansen - that's just my personal opinion though.

Lastly the UFAs on our 3rd line - Richardson and Matthias. Selling high on Matthias is very convincing. I was of the opinion that we should keep him no matter what so that we can get a playoff win or two, and if we can't sign him, let him walk. But the better he plays, the higher his value seems to go, and it's getting to a point where we might actually be able to get something nice in return. If we are unable to re-sign Matthias, I'm all for moving him because we have Jensen/DeFazio waiting in the AHL for his shot. At full health, Jensen/DeFazio would be the 13th forward anyways even if we do trade Matthias. I think we will hang on to Richardson simply because we can't afford to let him go - we need his faceoffs/PK to make the playoffs - and I think Matthias brings more value back anyways.

So if we were to trade anyone, I think it would be Matthias at the deadline if Benning can't sign him. If Benning does sign him, I could see him stand pat, or maybe add a defenseman.

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What's with the surprise that the Oil managed to get a late 1st?

Perron scored 57 points last year. What the hell do you think it takes to land a late 1st?

Perron has averaged 50 points / 82 through his career.

He's not a UFA or rental - he has another year left, at 3.8 million, a pretty gd good caphit for a 28 goal, 57 pt forward on a hapless Edmonton team.

His underlying numbers on a poor puck possession team certainly aren't bad


What I'd like to know is how the idiot Edmonton Oilers sell this deal to their fanbase. Are you kidding me? Trust us - we had ourselves a 26 year old in his prime who has scored 274 NHL points, but we shipped him out for a late first - because if there's one thing we know in Edmonton, it's what to do with first round draft picks - and if there's one thing we need, it is another one of them.

Pulllease. I'd be fn furious if I were an Oilers fan.

Hey, Oilers fans - please trust us and give us four more years while we develop the 29th pick in this year's upcoming draft.

Hey, Oilers management. Go have sex with yourselves. Do you really expect us to buy tickets in the meantime?

But in all fairness, they got Klinkhammer for now - at least until the season ends, when he bolts his way out of Edmonton.

If Edmonton doesn't turn around and deal that 1st or other futures to bring in something for the present, I simply can't see how they try to sell this dumbass move to their fanbase. They really have their work cut out to vindicate this move.

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. klinkhammer is decent and works hard perron wanted out good riddance hope pens choke in first round again oil can add another decent defense prospect at draft with the pick get rid of eberle for a 2/3 dman and your laughing id trade schulz for a bag of doritos and a bus ticket to the ahl

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