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Olli Juolevi | #48 | D


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1 minute ago, McHortanen said:

Why take McCann when Kylington is available


Why take Boeser when Konecny is there


Why trade Bonino for Sutter


Why trade a 2nd for Baertschi


Oh we don't have a true #1 Dman we don't need offense!


God dam it Benning why the hell would you take the best Dman in the draft over the 5th ranked forward?!?!?


Typical CDC lol


Great pick Benning now trade Edler for Jost!

1. McCann wasn't the same year as Kylington. Also, Bonino for Sutter hasn't shown what Sutter can do, but Bonino has a nice new Stanley cup ring that he was instrumental in. Not all of JB's moves have been gems

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1 minute ago, Jiggs50 said:

At best I see him as a number 2. Should of just traded down imo.

There is absolutely zero reason to trade down if you truly believe that he's your guy. Next thing that happens is the team in front of you snags him and you are left playing second fiddle.


If JB really wanted him, I'm ok with the decision to not risk losing him via trading down. 

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Disappointing that we weren't able to land a one of the more highly touted forwards but we will see.


I liked Juolevi at the start of the year, I kind of question his upside, he was great at the WJ's, he's smart, but I'm just not too sure, I like the player but with a pick this high.


Alot of scouts seem to be high on him while I've seen OHL fans say alot of nights he didn't look much more than average, maybe that's a good sign.


He's ours now, he's tall, he can skate, it will take him awhile to get to the show but hopefully everything turns out. With his smarts and skating he has a chance to be a good one, we will see.

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2 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

I was actually wondering how long it would take for some who had been ALL over getting him to start labeling him a bust now that we don't have him.


Remarkable really.

Same thing with McCann.

Before trade:

"McCann is a true number 1 centre, size doesn't matter with his shot!"

After trade:

"McCann was undersized and never was going to be a number 1 centre. Good thing BennGod traded him for a stud in Gudbranson who is a top 2 defenseman."


It'll be a while before people stop riding the Benning train. 

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An often un-thought of thought - the Scandinavians seem to be pretty loyal in terms of 'staying with a team'. There are a few, but it seem that the vast majority will make the case to stick with a team for very long term unless the team themselves want to move them on. 


I'm very happy. Time will tell if he pans out, but he played junior on the right team in Hunter's factory. He *will* have the solid fundamentals.

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8 minutes ago, LolClarkson said:

D men are too high of risk at the draft.  scary this pick

Scary? It's fine if you don't like the pick but the guy has off the charts IQ and skating. Best Dman at WJC and won the memorial cup. Tkatchuk is good but his skating needs work and wingers can be had in free agency.

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Just now, ForsbergTheGreat said:

was hoping for sergachev but juolevi will be a solid d for us. Welcome to the Canucks. 

Juolevi isn't as flashy but he is much more of a composed player. Calm cool and collected.


Safer and better pick IMO.


He is the smartest defenseman in the draft IMO.

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