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MacEwen's Mom: "Kinda hard to be a difference maker when you only get to play under 4 minutes..."

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2 minutes ago, ImConfused said:

And I see the Benning haters have their hyperbole and their panic buttons at the ready!


Funny how reality can be so subjective at times, eh pal?

I mean, after 7 years, is it really panicking?


How many coaches is this team gonna burn through before doing the sensible thing and firing the guy responsible for this mediocre team?  Seriously.  Do I really need to post that viral list of those 7-8 players and their salaries - all signed under Benning - to prove this point?


I don't even hate Benning.  It's just evident to me, and many others, that he's more than outstayed his welcome and should be held accountable for his mistakes just like Desjardins, Gillis, Vigneault, Nonis, Crawford, etc. have all had to.

1 minute ago, Tre Mac said:

How's living in Rightville these days?  


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1 hour ago, ImConfused said:

Wait, I found a tweet from Loui's mom too!


That's in Swedish though so you'll have to google translate it into English


Crazy times we live in..

I did ..... she says "Travis, send my boy home"

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41 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Meanwhile Big Mac is being teased relentlessly by his teammates.




No doubt. Poor guy... If I was him I'd be calling mom and telling her to STFU and keep her opinions to herself :lol:

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14 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

Travis Green vs Willie Desjardens

 Note Willie has a better Winning percentage while in Vancouver and is often considered the worst coach we’ve ever had. 





Yeah, I don't see how Green is a better coach. He has way better pieces than WD ever did, except maybe the first year of WD.

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