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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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11 minutes ago, shiznak said:

Only speculating, but I’m pretty sure Hughes, Boeser, and Pettersson is part of that “country club” atmosphere.

Yes Boeser for sure but I still have hope for Petey and Hughes. Tocchet will weed out who is on board and who is not. 

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4 minutes ago, Jack Fig said:

Loved Adam Foote as a player .... but he was fired after less than a year as head coach of the Kelowna Rockets ... even as his son was team captain. That doesn't bode well. 

Y, but coaching kids and pro is a bit different. 



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4 minutes ago, Jaimito said:

No hate for the new group. But success as a player doesn't always translate to coaching. 


This team need major surgery. Bruce had one of the highest winning % as a head coach. He knows how to win.  


The current roster needs major surgery. I don't want to see a bump this season. Just get a high pick. 





A simple check to see how Gretzky did as a coach, shows you are right. coaching and playing are different.

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So, BRUCE, THERE IT IS! could be the new celebration chant after a Canucks goal moving forward?


Those that are upset at management, might feel good to send them this message. I feel this chant is a Vancouver thing, and wouldn't be the same with any other fan base in their building. 

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Just now, Fanuck said:

Who? FA has child abuse charges against him that have yet to be proven (or disproved) in family courts - as such he's 'accused' at this point.   


Tocchet is a convicted criminal by every definition of the phrase.

Accused, sure.  But he's not convicted of anything so he's not a criminal........yet.  

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4 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

I read that too.

And he openly lied about it with no issues when he stated "I haven't signed any contracts" about what, 2 days ago now?


I think Tocchet is going to improve nothing honestly. He's pretty much Green with an angry face.

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10 minutes ago, Barnstorm said:

I read Tocchet was required to give the tv network where he worked 4 weeks notice of leaving. 
If that’s true and he honoured his contract this decision was made prior to Christmas 2022. 

One wouldn’t want to breach a contract with an employer you might have to return to. Also he had to keep all those highly informative fans in Arizona  happy. 

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3 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Rick Tocchet deleted his Twitter account this morning.

lul he knew was getting hired a month ago and he just deleted it this morning? 


Well may be he didn't want to break the news everyone knew... but still. 

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