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Guillaume Brisebois | D

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sounds like bad tanev

no shot, not physical, weak defensive D.

aka $4-5m man.

Do some reading. GB is a PMD who has some great talents, including the poise and positioning of Tanev.


Great skater, character/leader, moves the puck well, PPQ, good slap shot, has played well in international competitions and is projected to be a top 4 dman in the NHL. His so called weak defensive #s are attributed to playing on a team in the bottom of the Q.

Nucks ended up getting a 2nd rounder for the 3rd they got for Lack.

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Interesting pick, seems like he should have options for more offence but hasn't really produced at any level. Good skater, can move the puck, and has a majority of assists to match with that while also having played at high level with the Ivan Hlinka and U-17 tournaments. Seems responsible as well, good in his own end, but I still keep wondering how he hasn't found more offence somewhere along the lines with his skill set.

He's young, and has a little more time to develop as a result, so we'll see where this goes.

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Still having a hard time getting excited about this guy.

Just doesn't scream NHLer to me.

Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

I agree. His numbers in the QMJHL are underwhelming, which for me is concerning since the QMJHL is by far the weakest of the 3 CHL leagues. Not really good at anything. People will bring up that he played for the worst team in the QMJHL which made him "look bad", but that's honestly not going to help his development either. And his +/- wasn't exactly good at the WJC-18 either. I don't see much more than bottom pairing potential.

Not to mention this is basically the guy we traded Eddie Lack for.

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Linden seems stoked about the pick so there's that. Nothing else we can do but hope he pans out.

Would be pretty disheartening to hear our President and our GM weren't on the same page. Whether this means anything will remain to be seen. Hopefully he can surprise and develop into a top 4 guy one day. Or at the very least a top 6 guy.
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