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[GDT] Canucks @ VGK - GAME 7 WCSF - Sept 4 2020 - 6pm PACIFIC - SNET, NBC, NHLTV

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Morning y’all.


I have a good feeling about Game 7. Momentum is on our side. All the pressure is on Vegas because of Last year’s collapse, being the #1 seed, thinking this series would be a cake walk etc. 

The boys have exceeded all expectations and impressed all the NHL. No matter what happens tonight, they have given everything they have. I couldn’t be more proud of this team. 

We have come a long way since the Chaput, Megna and Willie D days. Ugh. We needed this so badly!


Give em hell tonight boys. I’m proud no matter what happens!!:towel:

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Rooster has to make sure he doesn't take any penalties tonight. 

I think back to back games actually favor the Canucks. We are younger and have fresher legs. 

Quinn has been getting better each game. 

We have Myers back who should be well rested. 

Demko was saying he played back to back in college frequently and he's had 6 months of rest. 

Pressure is on the Knights. 

I hope we see a hard skating ferocious Canucks team tonight who really take it to the Knights. 

I think we can jump them early and then keep coming at them all game. 

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15 minutes ago, Robert Long said:

I'm fine with however this goes. Our guys have forced a group of whiny scumbags to the brink, and they only reason they win is if we have a depleted goalie. 


But.... i really want this



Bryan Cranston Win GIF by Breaking Bad

I feel the same.   So much pride in this group who've managed to reduce the Knights to knaves and just keep the good times rolling for us.


It's been such a weird year....this game of hockey makes things feel normal again. And I ain't quite ready to give that feeling up yet.  The 7th (wo)man is suited up, ready to go with my team.


This team is for real.  

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It's been such a long time coming (playofff hockey) - savour every last minute of it.  Win or lose - what a team.  We are so lucky  to experience the growth and character of our players - such a classy group.

Hope they  are ready for tonight - that's a quick turn around

Go Canucks Go

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The more desperate Vegas gets, the more trouble they get themselves in to. Key of the game will be whether or not Vegas can keep they asses shut and play hockey, or get frustrated and get burned and worn out from the PP. 


That I think has been the biggest factor. Not scoring often on the PP but really wearing Vegas down with movement and possession, but when they do score, it's oh so satisfying. This team's already used to it by how much Vegas spends in the Canucks zone, but idk the this team seems to want this more. They're younger and hungrier and whatever Green's been saying to keep these kids' minds of the low life chirping, it's working

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4 hours ago, whcanuck said:

I won’t be able to see the game, spending the long weekend in my in-laws cabin in the woods, no internet, no TV. Tonight I’ll drive into town when I think the game will be over to see how the Canucks did. I’ll have to keep myself distracted somehow lol

C'mon, just gotta be creative here.


"Forget" to pack something really important, and "have a flat tire" while going back home or to a store to get it.  Depending on what boonies you are in, that might buy you enough time to watch the game in town B)

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