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Coronavirus outbreak


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The last three days have seen 46 people die of COVID-19 in B.C., as more than 2,000 new cases of the disease were confirmed, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced Monday.

A total of 2,354 cases from over the weekend were added to the province's total to date, which includes 277 historical cases that were previously missed because of a data reporting error in the Fraser Health region.


There are now a record number of 316 patients in hospital with the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, including 75 in critical care, out of 8,855 active cases — also the highest total to date.

Henry noted that this weekend's death toll is "the highest number we have ever had" as she paid an emotional tribute to those who have been lost and the family and friends they've left behind.


Not good.

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Turns out my step-brother who's a fireman for Richmond, was talking to his niece. (Who had a tumour removed a few years ago from her brain, she's fine now, tough girl.)

Because of the surgery they classify her as having a pre-existing condition, so the doctor recommends wearing a mask anytime she's out.

My Step-bro get's all conspiracy talk, and says COVID is b.s. and doesn't exist.

This is a firefighter!!!! 


Ugh. I know I've been told Firemen aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed, but that's insane. 


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3 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:


Translink will just waste the money....they're good at that.


Plus I love how they're suggesting that the public should be changing their passwords a lot rather than accepting full responsibility for the hack.  They don't want to discuss it...but they should have to.  It's their damn system.

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Just watched Keith Baldrey on Global, he had an interesting bit of info that is positive.....the comparison of infections over a 2 week period is down in both Fraser and Vancouver Coastal Health compared to the previous 2 week period.  Unfortunately it's going up in the rest of the Health Authorities, and they are certainly not equipped to manage high numbers of COVID where there are small hospitals (or in small communities no hospitals), fewer doctors and fewer specialized pieces of equipment.  


I can't imagine the level of trauma that health care workers will carry with them well beyond the far reaches of this pandemic.  What they have seen, how hard they have worked, having to deal with non believers....read a story from a Jewish doctor working in ER dealing with a patient who arrived by ambulance, suffering from COVID.  When they pulled his shirt open he was covered with swastika tattoo's.  The doctor talked about his feelings in seeing that while doing his best to keep the patient alive.  



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