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[Buyout] Tony DeAngelo

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24 minutes ago, Bure_Pavel said:

Someone will take a flyer on him for league min, Carolina probably. 

Carolina seems to be the landing spot for these types. It says a lot when you’re too much of a dirtbag for Philly haha

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5 minutes ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

He really isn't that good.



Thanks Bob. So basically another forward playing the wrong position. Those defensive numbers look ugly. I guess it also correlates with his -27 last season. 

Our need is strong PK and defence from our defenders. I’m less excited now

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1 hour ago, grandmaster said:

I would take a flier on this guy. He is a good defenceman and we could use more. A good Myers replacement.


If he nobs out then RT or JT will knock him out.



Could contain: Text, Adult, Male, Man, Person, Face, Head

The Flyers took a flyer and decided to pull the plug, you think we're gonna out-flyer the Flyers?

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Philly thought they dodged this bullet by trading him back to Carolina, only the league blocked it (due to Philly retaining, as it hasn’t been a full year since Carolina traded him). Supposedly the deal was going to go through last week instead, but for some reason Carolina said ‘no’ now.


Regardless, don’t want this player on the Canucks. We have little use for him with Hughes running our PP. And even though he scores a lot, he gives up even more defensively. On top of it all, he sounds like a royal douche-nozzle. No thanks.

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"I’m absolutely not racist at all. There was something I said back in junior; people don’t know what it is. I’m not going to go into it," he said. "But it was something I regretted. A friend of mine on my team, we had an argument, and we remained friends. The other stories that have come out are totally false, and I think that’s why teams in this league have known that."

for those of you calling him racist… I think judging a persons character from when they were a teenager and possibly didn’t know any better from the atmosphere they grew with, only way to let people grow is forgiving them for there faults and allowing them to prove they have become a better person and he’s done exactly that. I think the judgemental crowd that doesn’t allow one’s past to be forgiven is what’s wrong with society right now…. Anyways I’d welcome Tony D personally on a low cap low term deal if we are planning on moving out Myers 

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I have this fantasy where Deangelo signs and shows up for his initial interview. In the room are only Farhan Lalji, Rick Dhaliwal, Satiar Shah, Randip Janda, Bik Nazzar, with guest appearances by David Amber and Harnarayan Singh. I'd love to watch Deangelo spontaneously combust when all he sees are brown faces and realizes that this is his new reality, having to answer to these guys pretty much every day. It would be like when you pour a half cup of salt on a slug and watch it squirm. I'd pay to see that.

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2 hours ago, grandmaster said:

I won’t disagree with you on his character but he is productive on the ice and he is a defenceman. 

I would ask the coach and team first to see if they are ok with it. If they say yes, then assign a guy to keep him in check.


Or just don't sign a notoriously ignorant, narcissistic douche, that doesn't fill a roster need. I'd rather give Rathbone the offensive minutes DeAngelo would need to succeed. And we don't have offensive minutes to give Rathbone.


Big f'ing NO.

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