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[Claim] Canucks Claim Brandon Mcmillian from AZ


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per Ferraro, he is also a utility player. He can play wing, centre or defense.

In case you haven't noticed, they've run out of centres. If one more goes down, then it's Burrows or worse otherwise.

Smart depth move, no risk, low cost.

Anyone remember the emergency call up situation of Brayden Schenn. Could we call up McCann.

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Everyone is so opinionated on this move without having seen this guy even practise! Give it some time people, give it some time.

If he doesn't work out then woopdy doo, it's not like we are hurting the development of our other prospects by making them play a few more AHL games.

This move probably is making our prospects better long term if you think about it that way. No one has to come sit in the box for the next week or two.

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huh ? And why would we give ari money ? You only pay for unconditional waivers and its only 125$

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Aqua had to dish out a couple of thousands bucks to the coyotes for the claim so not absolutely free.

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Had a pretty good junior career.

Won a gold at the U18's, and silver at the U20's where Desjardins was his coach.

He also won the WHL championship in 08/09 playing with Benn and Meyers. Lost in the Memorial cup final against the Spitfires.

Seems like he has had to redefine his game as a shutdown player in order to make the next level.

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Richmond , BC native and still young at 24? Hell Id make that claim anyday

Sounds like a similar player to Higgins.....MAYBE HIGGINS IS BEING DEALT :shock::P

Talent Analysis

A very fast skater, McMillan is not known for his scoring, but for his solid two-way play, his speed, his aggressive forechecking, and his leadership. McMillan projects as a third liner, but players with his speed, leadership, and work ethic are very valuable in the NHL. McMillan competes hard for loose pucks and plays a very smart hockey game, choosing the safe play rather than trying to do too much.

Thats just it.

This looks like a carbon copy of Richardson, who currently is not signed next year. A puck hound! Fill in for injuries now. And part of a low cost succession plan...

(And another guy to teach Kassian the side of the game WD wants him to pick up!)

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Another OBVIOUS angle to consider.

Right now we are simply not winning at the skill game. But you cannot pick up pure skill on the waiver wire.

See Calgary. And the careers of Hansen and Burrows, Gallagher, Cooke, Torres.

You can make a serious dent with speed, athleticism even without great skill but with relentless puck pressure, defensive pressure. Many teams can be smothered into submission. Then you can pounce for the odd easy goal when they cough up the puck out of position. Phoenix the last few years played play off games. Edmonton, plus Pronger, made the finals ten years ago. In reality, unless you have Hodgson, even when you have skill there is no excuse not to employ this side of strategy as long as the skill players are still athletes.

McMillan is a nice compliment to Kenins, Dorsett, Burrows, Hansen, Horvat and even Mathias.

Its a ready made way to be competitive on the cheap.

Or an add on way to make a good team better on the bottom 2 lines?

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6 year old me wouldn't believe this right now, I'm coming home! @VanCanucks

-Not Quoting Photo To Keep Thread Neat & Tidy-

Sounds like he is stoked to be a part of the Canucks so here's to hoping that he can find his stride on our team and succeed in his lifelong dream! :towel:

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5'11 and 190lbs....he can throw his body around all he wants, but he'll be the one bouncing around the ice.

Is Dorsett not successful playing the body?

Also this is a pickup for injury and playoff for comets depth maybe.

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Why is it so many people want our prospects called up top sir in the press box.

Who said anything about bringing them up just to sit them?

You can re-call someone like Gaunce (just using him as the placeholder name), have him train a bit with the big squad. Then sub in for someone who is peripheral (Kenins, Kassian, etc) for a game or two, and then send Brendan Gaunce back to Utica. Hopefully he can then take what he learned in the NHL so he can improve his overall game in the AHL. Rinse/Repeat until all/most healthy bodies are back.

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