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(Discussion) Sign Duchene 7yrs/49m, yay or nay?


Yay or nay?  

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I say no to any big name free agent at this time.


I say stay the course.  Continue to draft well and graduate young players to the big club.  Save the cash and cap room to sign our own stars.  Only look to free agency for complementary / depth / bargain players.

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54 minutes ago, billabong said:

Not lobbying for either, just wanted to test the waters if canucks fans would go for a big 2019 free agent signing


duchene will probably get Kane/JVR type money


hes having a good year so far and will probably be testing the market on July 1

I think we should target a high end UFA this offseason, but in this order:







Any of these would fill a huge hole for us.  We will have about 10mil to spend if we don't bring Edler back.

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Proposal to change thread title to "Duchene, do we really need him?"


Also, our top two centers are leading the charge lately (Elias has "cooled down" to "only" 17 points in 12 games #bust, while Bo has picked up the pace to 16 points in 18 games).  With that, why do we need someone so entitled, when even on the wings there's Brock, Sven, Goldie, Shotgun Jake and Louie as viable candidates?

Much rather the team try for Cody Ceci as that right handed D-man that J.B. is wanting, he's mobile, walks the line and gets pucks through on the PP.  

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Unless the team and leadership core can rein him in... like Gudbranson or Horvat feeding him some knuckle sandwiches during practice or something.... I don't want him near the team.  

The problem was that he has spent the majority of his career where he was able to get off doing whatever with minimal consequences.  He puts up good stats and thus that shields him from any actual punishment.  



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