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[Trade] Canucks Trade for Dickinson from DAL for a 3rd.

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1 minute ago, Convincing John said:

Yawn. I’d sooner keep the 3rd. 

Why? Canucks needed a 3C that can play defense desperately. You’d rather wait 3-4 years for a third round pick to maybe pan out and jump into the lineup? The available centres in FA were meh as well. This is a good pickup.

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1 minute ago, RWJC said:

Who else thinks the Krakheads are going to actually be divisionally competitive this year? Some great options for them out there. I think it's going to a fierce rivalry immediately, or at least I hope. I'm actually kind of concerned about their potential in year 1, tbh.

Well not to be a jerk but the division is weak. Still early things could change.





Van (maybe)


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1 minute ago, DeNiro said:

He also plays left wing. Could still see us going after another center.


Could see it like:


Pearson UFA Podkolzin 

Dickinson Beagle Motte


Dickinson is 3rd line material who can actually move up to the top 6 if needed.  He isn't going to be on your 4th line.  He averaged over 16 minutes a game last year.


He could slot on the left side if there is an injury, but for the most part I think Benning is bringing him in to play 3C.

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1 minute ago, King Heffy said:

Lots of people here were upset we got Motte instead of a pick too.  Quality defensive forwards are underrated big time.

he's definitely underrated. the type of player you want to offer more responsibility to and give them some confidence. could be a very sneaky move by JB.

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3 minutes ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

Since we gave up Toffoli and Tanev for nothing we have nothing to bargain with so don't expect any truly impactful moves. 

I like Tanev, but 4.5 million for an often injured dman. He's a warrior, but he's on the downswing of his career. It was wise to move on from that. Toffoli on the other hand, wasn't the smartest. 

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1 hour ago, IRR said:

Are you dumb?!


Yes, for things he's already done wrong. Fine!!


How do you judge / criticize someone for something they haven't even done. Eg. Rumours that haven't even come to fruition? How f'n stupid is that. 


Maybe i should judge you for running a red light and killing someone.....but i assume you haven't done that. It would be pretty stupid of me to do something like that, no??? Double standards everywhere! What bull****!! 

Are you a moron?


You appear to be listening to voices in your head instead of actually reading and comprehending posts.


I am judging Benning on things he has done.  I am not going to give him credit for things he hasn’t done yet.


I literally posted that I am judging him based on past performances and that the team has to show results in the ice before I will change my opinion on the job he has done.  That isn’t pre-judging him for things he hasn’t done… that is actually using evidence based critical thinking.  Things called facts…. Not sure if they are familiar to you at all?


The FACT is that we have been one of the most consistently terrible teams in the league for Benning’s entire tenure.  Somehow in your tortured delusions we are supposed to give him credit for being a winning team next year before it happens… otherwise we are dumb?


We aren’t a winning team until we start actually winning… I know that is a radical idea.


Go jump in a lake.

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