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[Trade] Devils trade Louis Domingue to Canucks for Zane McIntyre

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Just now, Darius said:

If Demko cant hold down the fort 10-12 games the team needs to assess a few things .....

He’s gonna be well rested. We haven’t played a lot of game last couple weeks. 

Need for him to go on a stretch like at the beginning of the season when Marky was in Sweden. 

it would fare well if we had a good road trip. 

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2 minutes ago, riffraff said:

Believe in Thatcher Demkoo

Demko stressed me for two games out of twenty and besides the Anaheim game last Sunday, I don’t remember the other one.


The other eighteen games he’s played, I felt very confident every time a puck would hit him.

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2 minutes ago, Darius said:

the good thing is they get a couple "softer" teams to start the trip...Montreal and Ottawa...get some momentum going....


Imagine the lift if Demko shines for the next 3 weeks....Brock comes back and Marky comes back near end of season....it could be a great boost.



we need to just think positive!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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This sucks but could have been worse for a few reasons:


- Demko gets some quality starts which lets us assess him before deciding on a Markstrom contract


- it wasn’t his eye. We have seen enough awful eye injuries and those can be permanent. 


- if all goes well he is back in time for the playoffs. 

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1 minute ago, Junkyard Dog said:

Are they assessing it from a worse case scenario? If so then they’re gonna raise fan’s blood pressure more than that fake post lol. 

What I heard was that Marky got an MRI in Montreal that showed that he could be out 3-4 weeks, but that they weren't entirely sure. That's why he's heading back to Vancouver to get checked out in more detail.

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8 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Y’all act like Demko is incapable of playing.


Pretty sure we’ve gone on long losing streaks with Marky in net. It’s all about how the team plays in front of them. They shouldn’t be counting on their goalie to stand on his anyways. 

Might be a blessing in disguise.

Yeah, just ask David Ayers! 

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