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[Signing] Canucks sign Tucker Poolman

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5 minutes ago, AV. said:

"aS uSuAL nO cOmMeNt oN tHe beTtER siGnInGs"

Pretty dishonest if that's what you call a good comment.


Benning absolutely deserves an A+ for overhauling his previous mistakes (with help from owner) and loading up players that will make a difference. He just finished his team in 1 day (not really)


And all you can say is one step forward, one step back.


I only question the Poolman deal, but everything else you literally can't complain at all. You're the one who is not objective.

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I'm not a fan of Poolman, and really wish it was a 2 year deal. 4 years is a lot to commit to a bottom pairing dman we haven't seen yet. 


This also brings us back to being defensive while struggling to transition the puck.

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3 minutes ago, Caboose said:

That seems pretty aggressively bad. Why would Vancouver sign the guy Winnipeg replaced with Schmidt to replace Schmidt lol.

Agree that’s pretty Aggressive term and AAV.


but the joke should be on Winnipeg, they replace a guy with higher cap from a team that didn’t make the playoff.  We got a cheaper guy from a better team, if we analyzing Smchidt vs Poolman I think we win, but still question the term

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2 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

A bit too rich for a bottom pairing defenseman. Why give him four years and Hamonic only two? That I don't get. Was hoping for a larger, more physical specimen. Not a huge fan of this signing. Oh well. 

Must have had a lot of interest. I haven’t followed him so I’ll reserve judgement until he plays some games. He’s big though 

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