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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs New York Islanders | Mar. 10, 2020 7 PM PDT | Canucks For Kids Telethon

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2 minutes ago, John.Tallhouse said:


In a time where there is endless free content, who the hell does The Athletic and their writers think they are?   
No sports writer is good enough to pay to read their opinions.  
That’s what advertisers are supposed to be paying for.  Lol.  


Does anyone who subscribes HONESTLY think it’s worth it?

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16 minutes ago, Honky Cat said:

First game back......?,I wonder how many posters will mention that he looks a bit 'slow' in tonights game?

He’s had a month off so the wrist should be feeling better, if you put him in situations to get his shot off then I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s gonna bury a few in the back of the net tonight. 

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Great to have Brock back.  I've been vocal that Green needs to be better. But tonight I'm feeling good as this team simply has a lot of offensive talent.  Canucks 5 to 2 with an empty netter. 


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1 hour ago, Alflives said:

Did Loui play any shifts with Bo?  Yes.  That’s Loui in the top six, right?  It’s not the number of shifts, or minutes played.  It’s the message it sends to the rest of the team.  Jake plays great, and is demoted.  Loui plays terrible, and is prompted.  Guys want the best chance to win.  It’s pretty obvious our top young players are frustrated.  IMO they are losing confidence in their coach’s ability to make the tough decisions.  

Jake was playing with Petey and Miller towards the end of last game. Not sure how that's a demotion.

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well whatever happens tonight I hope Brock has a good game on his return, I don't think he is 100% and who knows where that idiot TG will put him. He will probably sit Zac instead of LE..ffs..hoping for a win but who knows with this Canucks team

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