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Status Updates posted by Dazzle

  1. Rathbone needs more time in the AHL. Hunt + Burroughs next game please.

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    2. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      I don’t think Rathbone has been bad at all to be honest (except for last night).  I just don’t know what one can realistically expect if he’s being fed bottom pairing minutes.  

      Will say this though:  Podkolzin and Rathbone in Abbotsford will definitely lead to sell outs over in Abby.  Podz, Bone, and Klimovich leading the way down there to a championship may not be the worst thing in the world?

    3. Dazzle


      @Patel Bure If you go back to the other games (minus tonight), you'll generally see that Rathbone is outmuscled by other forwards. This is a bad thing when you are being sheltered as much as he is. In short, for the limited minutes, he should not be a defensive liability at all, which I think he is.

      That's why I think he should be in the AHL so he can play meaningful minutes, and he can gain the confidence while playing in that same league. Right now, he's potentially costing Canucks games. The breakaway last night + the overskating on the same play show that he's letting guys pass him. This is not just a one game thing. Moreover, he's not actually producing here.

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      Hilarious how last month, a few people were ready to pack Quinn Hughes’ bags while anointing Rathbone as our 2nd pairing LD guy.  

  2. Bizarro NHL season so far.

    1. allegend


      So true. Several of the supposed top teams are losing, and many

      of the weaker teams have gotten off to good starts.

    2. Undrafted


      Small sample size.  If you look at the leaders in SV% on the NHL stat page, it reads like you're in an alternate universe.  The first month of every new season is funny like that.

    3. Coconuts


      It's interesting, but it probably won't last 


      Teams like Buffalo, San Jose, and Ottawa should fall back to earth 


      An injury to McDavid, Smith, or Draisaitl and Edmonton could too 

  3. Juolevi = Green's doghouse.


    How many players in Green's doghouse end up flourishing on his roster? 0.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Maybe it's not the dog's fault? 

    2. ba;;isticsports


      He probably has OJ working hard on the bike and gym improving his fitness first

      This is the best league in the world, so be in the best shape, (Definitely, suffer another injury, if not in top shape)

  4. Loui Player Name doing well for AZ in the preseason. Green sucks?

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    2. Coconuts


      Makes no damn sense 

    3. Rubik


      Loui Player Name


      lol, i thought everyone was just writing "player name" as a joke, but it really is automatically corrected :lol:

    4. Coconuts


      It's bizarre 

  5. I respect that some Coyotes players want to prove projections wrong.

  6. Anyone else having problems with cellphone service, specifically with data right now? Seems to be a Canada-wide issue.

  7. PETEY_BOI banned!



    ... for nothing ;)

    1. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      stephen colbert fake news GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

      Seriously though. Not banned. 

  8. If people are denied access, that is the business' choice. Take your (antivax) business somewhere else. Simple.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Meanwhile some people in countries with real oppression issues can't even get their first dose.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      ..And some it's not oppression. It's crushing poverty. 

    4. buddhahoodlum


      I wasn't going to say anything more about Covid, either in the Covid thread or in any one's status update, but for myself, I am 100% in favour of mandatory masks. I've never once complained about them. 

  9. Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby! You're old!

    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      “Sid the Adult”.

  10. The toxic media is gonna say "Pettersson & Canucks far apart in contract talks"

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    2. Dazzle


      @bigbadcanucks Yeah... Todd Diamond also looks untrustworthy. Just that look - it's unmistakable. I didn't think Tryamkin was coming back because I wasn't convinced with Diamond's words.

    3. bigbadcanucks


      @Dazzle - I hate phukker$ like Diamond.  It's too bad that Dhaliwal fell for Diamond's BS chatter about Tryamkin.  That hurt Dhaliwal's credibility, which is too bad because IMO, he is one of the most connected and trusted media types with the Agent fraternity. 


      Dhaliwal re-established his credibility (at least with me) with being in the know with UFA signings Jim Benning had lined up.  He was on the ball about the volume of moves that were to come on Day 1...I'm sure he could have pulled a Seravalli and spilled all the beans, but he held off and let the day unfold while giving us clues as to what was to happen.


      He was also the first to bang the drum on the Connor Garland move, a move that I thought was a possibility for the Canucks at some point starting from as far back as when it was reported that ARZ had not even spoken to him about an extension.

    4. Gnarcore


      Barry used to be known at one point for feeding rumors and such. Upfront conversations like the one posted are great. Also thanks for that. Not sure where I got 10m in my head.  Honestly though I wasn't hating on Barry more though than admiring his ability to pull off things for clients. Being a piece of $&!# is kinda part and parcel of being an agent :) 

  11. Benning did good, and it looks like some ppl are mad about it :lol:

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      @bree2 half those people moaned about the EP40 pick too; some of them were even still complaining the year after when he was ripping it up in Sweden.  Benning is smarter than CDC.

    3. AlwaysACanuckFan
    4. goog16


      he got a D???? getting rid of Ericksson alone is an easy A grade not too mention Rousell and Beagle!!!!!!!

  12. Some ppl on Twitter criticizing Benning for trying to make the playoffs...

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      How dare Benning make the team better?????????

    3. JM_


      its almost like a religion. 2000 years from now there will be epic tales of Saint Gillis and the ogre known as Benning. 

    4. CanuckleHorse


      I’ve said it before the haters pretend to be fans make us look as stupid as they are so they could further slag our fan base.

  13. The media bias is really obvious.

    Not much of a peep about Vancouver, but Toronto's minor signings get attention. LOL.

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      It's honestly worth it just to see their collective meltdown every time the Leafs lose a playoff series.

    2. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      The telecommunications monopoly in Canada is ridiculous. 

    3. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      It's almost as if big media markets are more talked about in sports

  14. Oh look, Squamfan is back with ONLY negative news!

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    2. Pears


      Man I was just getting used to the peace and quiet around here…

    3. Ghostsof1915



    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      the new desi.

  15. OEL endorsed by the Sedins. Enough said.

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    2. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      @Pearshe didn't fall off any cliff. he just had great year before he signed with us and playing with boston it was easy to pad those stats.

    3. Bure_Pavel


      @Pears Eriksson went into retirement mode the second he signed the contract it seemed. His hands turned to stone. 

    4. Dazzle


      @Iron Fist That doesn't explain all those 20+ goal years he had throughout his career.

      Eriksson was thought to be a good solid winger at a good price. He was reasonably a decent skater, better numbers than Lucic, and was younger than Neal.

  16. Looking back at our draft history... our drafting/development was awful!

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    2. Dazzle


      The problem is that 7 years ago and beyond that, he could've drafted a goalie for starters in any round, or a serviceable forward or defenceman, and we'd still be afloat.


      The only players of any consequence that he ever drafted was Hodgson, Hutto, and Horvat, during his 6 years here. Horrible.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      He traded for a 24 year old goalie that was 4th in Vezina voting a season ago.  Also signed undrafted 24 year old Tanev.  (should clarify both were 24 years old when Benning was hired).  


      Right now our blueline is a complete mess.  None of them can play defense even on the level of a 31 year old Hamhuis (his age when Benning came aboard) save Schmidt (who is 30 years old now himself).  That's not on Gillis.


      Ultimately he was fired for his inability to draft.  When new GM's come into a job, of course there's going to be problems.  If there weren't, the job wouldn't be open (barring previous GM moving voluntarily elsewhere).

    4. Dazzle


      The Schneider trade was a bad trade at first glance: trading away a known commodity (with a lack of developed goaltending prospects) for an unknown quantity, in which scouting is obviously a weak point of Gillis.

      If Dreger is to be believed, the return from Edmonton was supposedly a lot better than just a 9th. We'll never know. I'm not saying we 'should've' done that trade, but the return for ONLY a 9th is just bad.

      Hence my point, had Horvat not panned out, he would've been yet another long list of failed prospects. Gillis smugly said that his teams usually drafted "24 and above".

  17. Lou Lam/NYI - officially the biggest loser of expansion draft.


    2nd - 2021

    2nd - 2022

    3rd - 2023



    All gone. LOLOLOL.

    1. Devron44


      Was Eberle the only NHL player taken by Seattle :lol:

    2. drummer4now


      ^ more like just being cheapos and not selecting the best available talent. 


      I think the expansion fee really got to the ownership. 

    3. Johnny Torts

      Johnny Torts

      Yeaaaaaahp. We need a Martin or Reaves but we wouldnt expose Pearson because of it. Or whatever Eberle eqv.

  18. Not so hot take - Seattle's expansion picks are absolutely horrific. They smoked pot.

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Dazzle Sometimes the best move is not to do anything (as in selecting an overpaid, past their prime NHL "vet".    We'll find out one way or another soon enough.

    3. Devron44


      Outside Dunn what does Seattle have “currently” for puck moving defencemen? We’ll find out real quick how good a team is with just defensive defencemen. 

    4. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      As a pot smoker I am offended by this. Except not really because I’m too laid back to care. 

      Also, they had a strategy to draft defense first and keep the cap low to weaponize cap space for trades and free agents. 

      Honestly a pretty solid strategy depending on what their next moves are. The next few weeks will be telling. 

  19. I think it's pretty hilarious the Schmidt thread got locked.

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    2. Devron44


      The entire thread was basically people arguing about the integrity of the media. LOL

    3. Devron44


      People say Schmidt didn’t have a good season. I disagree, the entire team had playing issues and then when it seemed to be corrected. Bam Covid. We need to add to this team but everyone just needs a fresh healthy start for the most part 

    4. JM_


      I'm not knocking Nate, I like him. But it was an awful year for him to experience with the trade, covid, new coaching, etc. 

  20. Lmfao, Montreal used a coach's challenge for a goal that was blatantly legal.

    1. Petey_BOI


      coach must know the ref ;)

  21. Patrick Johnson is a clown. His take on Lind was GARBAGE.

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    2. Dazzle


      @mll@Alflives Basically he disregarded Lind in his latest commentary. His reaction was similar to "meh... he can play hockey, but he's shown nothing that proves he can play in the top six". Are you freaking kidding me?

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Jango Fett when asked about Patrick Johnson:




    4. J-23


      Too many people expect young guys to step in and become an immediate impact player these days. 

  22. CDC owes Holtby a huge apology. I saw people saying, "he can't make the timely saves"

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      But in fairness, he had crapped the bed a few times.


      Maybe over the break some of IC's teachings got imprinted firmly? Wouldn't it be sweet if the bloke went full Holtbeast-mode for a number of consecutive months?!

    2. -SN-


      Sample size: 1. 

  23. Go Sens Go!

  24. Refs didn't call two penalties on the same play.

    Interference + Roughing

    But of course, Boston was playing.


    1. Ghostsof1915


      I still say the two ref system doesn't work. If a call gets missed instead of the other referee catching it, they both miss it, and don't call it.

      If the two referee system doesn't catch the infractions the other referee doesn't, then what's the point? 

  25. Would you take a Civic or a Fiesta?

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    2. TNucks1


      Civics are a pretty reliable car, dont know about fiestas

    3. Phil_314


      I'll take a Civic to any post-COVID fiesta 

    4. -AJ-


      Civic every day.

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