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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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6 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Getting rid of Johnson alone doesn't fix their cap issues.

I bet we could get a 1st at least to take that contract from them lol


I just want Schmidt to continue to be traded for a 3rd annually until his contract ends. 

So, 3 more teams he needs to be traded to in summers 2022, 2023 & finally 2024. Then traded at the deadline in 2025, where he finally manages to get a team a 2nd because of retention.

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2 minutes ago, KoreanHockeyFan said:

This move wasn't genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't understand the criticism either?


We came out net neutral on Schmidt + 1 year of his service and now we have cap space. Move on haters. 

Ya, but could they have moved him last year at the trade deadline?

They have no plan. They make it up as they go along.

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It will be interesting to see what Hakanpaa goes for in free agency.


Aside from some hit totals, there's nothing that screams 'pay me'.

After what Oleksiak got, who knows - but he should be able to be signed moderately imo.


1 NHL season

5 pts, +4, 18:01 ice time, 51% ozone starts, 48.2% corsi.

215 hits.

Penalty killer.

Played primarily with Fowler, then Bean....


I have a feeling someone is going to get sill about David Savard.


I'd almost prefer the team take a chance on a guy like Hakanpaa - and sign another potentially versatile guy in the process.






Both these guys could probably be signed for reasonable cap hit and short to mid term.


And in doing so, the team could retain a bit of cap flexibility (or do away with some bonus overage this season?)


Hakanpaa could emerge as better then expected - and if not - the team is still poised to pursue other future options.


I like Schenn, but I think I'd give up a bit of his heaviness for Ceci's mobility and versatility.

With these two guys imo you'd have some flexibilty - and a couple guys that can kill penalties (Schenn may be capable of that but hasn't really killed any volume of penalties since 17/18 in Arizona....)






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Just now, 48MPHSlapShot said:

This offseason?

If they don't put him on LTIR, I certainly hope so. He's the only player they don't actually need. Even if they can't, they can move Killorn or Johnson and be fine. Sergachev is 23 and untouchable.

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1 hour ago, teepain said:

Actually Holtby was needed, until we found out Demko can carry the mail last year

Actually, no. A solid backup who can fill in as a 1b or a very strong 2a was what we would have needed if Demko faltered. What we got was year 3 of washed-up Holtby. But yes, that was clearly the thought process.


It was an expensive gamble that Benning lost. Not because he HAD to lose (As Holtby is indeed still adequate as a backup) but he only really lost because he decided to go all-in a season early and heightened the need for cap relief. And if you consider what we pay the following season as a penalty, there really was a high premium placed on success this very season.

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Just watch, a deal will be struck very quickly with Petey and Hughes, same Agent seeing 10M more bucks on the table.  He is going to want to chew into it as much as he can before Benning blows it all by overpaying for a fourth line centre.

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2 minutes ago, SilentSam said:

L Eriksson 6m

J Beagle 3m

A Roussell 3m

N Schmidt 6m

A Edler (attrition) 6m

J Virtannen 2.5 (savings 1st season of buyout


tell me I’m wrong,. But to drop 24m in 48hrs?

Theres got to be an award for that.

I totally agree,but not according to the local riff raff

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57 minutes ago, Rick_theRyper said:


Vancouver Canucks
PROJECTED CAP HIT Tooltip : $55,410,659
PROJECTED CAP SPACE Tooltip : $26,089,341
CURRENT CAP SPACE Tooltip : $26,089,341
TODAYS CAP HIT Tooltip : $55,410,659
Up to just over 26$ million now, really wish we waited to resign Pearson and we’d have tons of space for Petey, Hughes, and all the filler.

Pearson's signing was fine dude. This false narrative that he's overpaid keeps getting perpetuated lol.

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