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[Discussion] New Canucks President

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JB is now running all hockey Ops.  Not sure I am thrilled with this.  Drafting and development great but the rest, not so sure.

The President position will be running the business side, really couldn't care less who does it.

Can we suspend whoever suggested Burke.

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36 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

It's common for the GM to also be President, but why not save the guy some grief and have someone else worry about the business side of the club.


28 minutes ago, rekker said:

This. I like what JB has done and I want him more focused on drafting and developing than business. 

Let's be clear here:  Linden was President of Hockey Operations, so non-hockey stuff was not part of his job.  As per Aquilini, Benning has now assumed that role.  I see no reason why he couldn't do the job.


IMO, Linden's original 'mission' was to establish the foundation for the rebuild by choosing a management team (Benning et al) and giving the Canucks the internal structure to better develop prospects (arranging the purchase of Utica) at a time when the Canucks as an organization was in total disarray.  That mission appears to be complete. 


If Benning is given the title of President of Hockey Operations, then really, all he needs is to build upon the foundation that Linden laid down.

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9 minutes ago, Fanaholic said:

New Owners First

Aquilini is fine.  The guy bought us a farm team to develop our prospects and didn't implement an internal cap when it was clear the team would have a few rough seasons.  Be thankful for what we do have.


I would be more than happy to see Benning put in charge and delegate the business side of things to someone he trusts.

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